The Military College of South Carolina
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Swim Meet


The Swim Meet is a Tier 3 event. At least two (2) swimmers must participate for company to earn full participation points.

The number of swimmers/relay teams advancing to the Regimental Finals will be no more than eight (8) per event.


Desired roster size is a minimum of four (4) swimmers per company. There is no maximum limit.

Open Events Men's Events Women's Events
  400m Freestyle 400m Freestyle
4 x 100m Freestyle Relay 25m Back Stroke 25m Back Stroke
4 x 100 Medley Relay 25m Butterfly 25m Butterfly

*Freestyle Sprint Medley Relay

25m Breast Stroke 25m Breast Stroke
  25m Freestyle 25m Freestyle
*Sprint Medley Relay (25m 50m, 100m, 25m) must have at least one woman participating.


Cadet must sign-up in advance to participate in individual events. Sign up by following this link. The deadline to sign-up will be posted on the weekly Intramural schedule.

Check in with the Clerk of Course not later than 1600 for individual events and 1640 for relays.

Swimmer must stay on back during Back Stroke events. A two-hand touch to wall is required for Butterfly and Breast Stroke events. Swimmer who starts early in finals (i.e., false start) will be disqualified. The NCAA governs all other rules.

Order of Events

Clerk of Course and Pool Opens at 1530

Finals 400m Freestyle (Men & Women swim together, scored separately) at 1600

Preliminary 25m Back Stroke (Men) at 1610

Finals 25m Back Stroke (Women) at 1620

Preliminary 25m Butterfly (Men) at 1625

Finals 25m Butterfly (Women) at 1635

Preliminary 25m Breast Stroke (Men) at 1640

Finals 25m Breast Stroke (Women) at 1650

Preliminary 25m Free Style (Men) at 1655

Finals 25m Free Style (Women) at 1710

Break. All Relay Teams should be checked-in by 1640.

Finals 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay at 1715

Finals 25m Back Stroke (Men) at 1725

Finals 25m Butterfly (Men) at 1730

Finals 25m Breast Stroke (Men) at 1735

Finals 25m Free Style (Men) at 1740

Finals 4 x 100m Medley Relay at 1750

Finals *Sprint Medley Relay at 1800

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