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Sigma Delta Psi in Intramurals


For BOV Trophy purposes, Sigma Delta Psi is a Tier 5 event.

Sigma Delta Psi is an honorary athletic fraternity which promotes the total fitness of male college students with an emphasis on physical fitness. The Citadel became a charter member on February 1, 1960 as the Epsilon Beta chapter. Cadets have from matriculation until graduation to achieve passing marks in the Sigma Delta Psi events and earn a place in the Citadel's Sigma Delta Psi Fraternity.


All currently enrolled male cadets may participate.


Cadets may test through a Required Physical Education Course (RPED 140), Intramural Athletics or under supervision of any Health, Exercise and Sport Science faculty member or Sigma Delta Psi member.


For purposes of earning points in competition for the annual BOV Trophy, cadets must attemp at least four (4) Sigma Delta Psi events. Attempts will be reported to the Director of Intramurals using the Sigma Delta Psi testing form.