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Cornhole is a Tier 3 event. The structure of play (e.g., round robin, single elimination) will be determined by the number of teams that show up.

The number of teams advancing to the Regimental Tournament will be between four (4) and sixteen (16), and depends upon quality of play in Weekly Challenges.


Desired roster size is two (2) players, called partners. Each team should designate a captain. No more than six (6) players per company may participate.

Challenge Tournaments

Per published schedule, players report at 1600 to Deas Hall. Teams are randomly assigned to a tournament bracket and/or round robin, and play until eliminated or win the bracket or pool. Teams must play in a minimum of two (2) Challenge Tournaments to be eligible to advance to the Regimental Tournament. Teams will be ranked by their win-loss record. Ties are broken by points scored (most), points scored against (least).


Start time is forfeit time: there is no grace period for players to arrive late. A coin flip determines which cornhole team has honors in round one.

The first pair of opponents alternate pitching corn bags until they have thrown all bags, then their partners (pitching from opposite cornhole platform) continue to alternate in the same manner until all bags are pitched.

Player may deliver the corn bag from either the left or right of the cornhole platform but must stand behind the front of the platform when pitching.

The winner is the team who wins two out of three games. Games are played to 15 points.

Points Earned Corn Bag
3 goes in the hole
1 hangs in the hole
1 lands on the board
1 hangs off the board edge but does not touch the ground
0 hangs off the board edge and touches the ground or another bag

Mercy rule is in effect: if one team scores 10 points while the other team has yet to score any points, the game is called.

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