The Citadel

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Game Rules

While you may refer to links below for specific game rules, some of our rules are universal. For example,

  • Before the start of play, designate one player from each team to act as team captain. During play, communicate with game officials through this team captain.
  • Each team should designate a minimum of one cadet to officiate each preliminary round game in which it plays.
  • Start time is forfeit time: there is no grace period for players to arrive late.
  • Two (2) game forfeits disqualify a team from further play.
  • Written protest, sent via e-mail from the Athletic Officer (Corps Intramurals) or Team Captain (College Intramurals) and to the Director of Intramurals, must be received within 24 hours of game finish. A protest may concern only a rule interpretation, not an official's judgment.
  • Be reminded that players will communicate with officials through their team captain. Arguing, debating, crowding or intimidating an official or an opponent is unacceptable behavior. An official may warn or eject a player for poor sportsmanship. An ejected player must leave the field of play immediately or the team will be disqualified.
Deas Hall Orientation 5-on-5 Basketball
Inner Tube Water Polo Racquetball
Kickball Indoor Soccer
Cornhole Weight Lifting
Air Pistol Table Tennis
Flag Football Arena Football
Badminton Sigma Delta Psi
3-on-3 Basketball Team Handball
Soccer Wrestling
Racquetball Ultimate Frisbee
Citadel Records Challenge Softball
Swim Meet Tennis
Billiards Coed Beach Volleyball
Volleyball Team Quadathlon
CPFT Excellence Athletic Achievement
Athletic Participation Darts

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