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An education developed through experiential learning is vital in helping a student grow into his or her new business leadership roles. The Tommy & Victoria Baker School of Business has developed a program in conjunction with area businesses and The Citadel Career Center to assist business students in gaining internships that will help them develop better business skills.

The internship is taken as a full credit course, Internship - MGMT 460. Students must be at least of junior or senior standing, have at least a 2.5 GPA to register and must be competitively ready to apply for an internship with documents including a resume and cover letter (as needed). Students will need to also ensure they commit 2-3 afternoons weekly to their internship as this requires a minimum of 90 hours over the period of the semester to complete all requirements. Internships may not interfere with academic coursework or leadership training including Tues/Thurs training or Friday parade.  


Please refer to the following links for more information:

Business Internship Host Guidelines

The Citadel BSB Internship Agreement Form

(use your Citadel email address to log in or set your account)


Registration Process for Students Seeking Business Internship For Academic Credit

1) You find an internship (on your own, through faculty, mentors, family, Handshake, or The Career Center). 

2) You complete The Citadel BSB Internship Agreement Form with the internship supervisor (the individual who will supervise you for your internship at the company). 

3) You send Shawn Swartwood your completed “The Citadel BSB Internship Agreement Form” for The Internship Director’s review/approval. 

4) Mr. Swartwood sends your “The Citadel BSB Internship Agreement Form” to your Department Head for academic approval. 

5) For assistance searching for and securing an internship, please register for an account in Handshake to view active internship leads and visit The Citadel Career Center.

6) Your Department Head makes a request to The Registrar to allow the student to register for the class (MGMT460). 

7) The Registrar responds with a reply or confirmation. 

8) Mr. Swartwood informs you to enroll in the class MGMT 460. 

9) You can now begin the internship (between the first and the last day of class of the semester). 

NOTE - Special Leave for internships will be entered after the above steps are complete. Special Circumstances outside of The School of Business can be referred to The Citadel Career Center ( and can be reviewed in the Citadel White Book.

For information regarding internship qualification and process, please review The Citadel Career Center’s Internship Link 
or visit The Citadel Career Center. 

For more information regarding academic requirements, please contact

Shawn Swartwood
Baker School of Business 
Director of Internships 
Adjunct Professor 
Bond 339 
Mobile: (843) 655-4442 
Phone: (843) 953-6968


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