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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of The Gold Star Journal?

The Gold Star Journal was founded as a way to provide additional recognition to Citadel students of a well-written research paper beyond the grade. Published authors can list this accomplishment on their resume for professional employment or graduate school.


How do students become editors of The Gold Star Journal?

Interested students can contact either Dr. Suzanne Mabrouk or a current editor. The continuing editors, in consultation with the advisor, decide who can become an editor. Typically one or two freshmen are selected in April to start serving as an editor the following academic year. The selected students usually serve three years, eventually serving as the lead editor senior year.


How do students write for the journal?

Students do not write for the journal. Students submit papers that were written for a college course (Citadel course, study abroad program, Washington program, or semester away).


What kinds of papers does the journal accept?

The Gold Star Journal publishes nonfiction papers only.


How does one submit a paper to The Gold Star Journal?

Nonfiction papers should be sent as a Word attachment to In addition the author(s) must submit the Publishing Contract after completion. For additional information regarding submissions, consult the Paper Submissions Page.

How does one submit a photograph to The Gold Star Journal?

Photographs should be sent as an attachment to In addition the photographer(s) must submit the Publishing Contract after completion. For additional information, consult the Photograph Submissions Page.


When can students submit papers and/or photographs?

Students may submit papers and/or photographs year-round.

What is the deadline for submissions?

Submissions are due by the day after final exams end in the Fall semester each academic year.

Can only Gold Star students be published in the journal or serve as editors?

Any Citadel student, graduate or undergraduate, may be published in the journal or serve as an editor, regardless of level of academic achievement. The journal was named in honor of the actual Gold Stars that cadets earn.


How are papers selected for publication?

All submissions are reviewed by the current editors for clarity, depth, originality, organization, and writing. The editors try select the best papers from different disciplines to show the broad spectrum of academic achievement across the curriculum.


How is The Gold Star Journal funded?

From July 1996 through 2010, The Gold Star Journal was supported by The Citadel Foundation through The Office of The Provost. In 2007 and 2008, several textbook publishers provided some funds as well. Since 2011, the funds from The Citadel Foundation have been supplemented with donations from Citadel alumni and friends. If you would like to make a donation to support The Gold Star Journal, please consult our Donations Page.

On what does The Gold Star Journal use funds?

The majority of all funds are used to print the journal. Since 2012, financial awards have been offered for:

  • The Best Overall Paper
  • The Best Graduate Paper
  • The Best Undergraduate Paper and
  • The Best Photograph
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