The Military College of South Carolina
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The White Book


Chapter 1: Cadet Organization and Training

     Section 1: SCCC Organization and Chain of Command (LTC Dougherty)

     Section 2: References (LTC Dougherty)

     Section 3: 24 hour schedule (LTC Barton)

     Section 4: Varsity Athletic Team Directives (Col O’Leary and Coach Boucher)

     Section 5: The Citadel Physical Rediness Program (Mr. Duke and Ms. Haugen)

Chapter 2: Cadet Academic Services

     Section 1: Student Success Center (Mr. Hendrix)

     Section 2: Library Services (LTC Connor)

     Section 3: Class Absences (Lt Col Sberna)

     Section 4: Internship Guidelines (Career Center) (Ms Tisdale)

Chapter 3: Cadet Logistical Services

     Section 1: Arms Room (Chief McIntyre)

     Section 2: Laundry and Drycleaning Services (LTC Barton)

     Section 3: Mess Hall Operations (LTC Barton)

     Section 4: Storage (LTC Barton)

Chapter 4: Cadet Support Services

     Section 1: Experiential Learning and Cadet Activities (LTC Dougherty)

     Section 2: CADIC (Mr. Modglin)

     Section 3: CARE (Ms Shealy)

     Section 4: Counseling Center (Dr. Bufano)

     Section 5: Medical Services and Infirmary (Dr. Capell and Col O’Leary)

     Section 6: Religious Services (Chaplain Molina)

Chapter 5: Barracks              

     Section 1: Billeting (SgtMaj Yagle)

     Section 2: Barracks Security (1SG Dean and SgtMaj Yagle)

     Section 3: Maintenance, Common Areas, and Work Orders (1SG Webster and 1SG Smith)

     Section 4: Room Arrangement (SgtMaj Moffitt)

Chapter 6: Cadet Accountability

     Section 1: All ins (Lt Col Sberna)

     Section 2: Fourthclass Withdrawal Procedures (Col O’Leary)

     Section 3: Leaves, passes, incentives, and privileges (Lt Col Sberna)

     Section 4: Strength and Status Reporting and AWOL Procedures (SgtMaj Yagle)

Chapter 7: Cadet Personnel and Administration

     Section 1: Discipline (Lt Col Sberna)

     Section 2: Duty Teams (Lt Col Sberna)

     Section 3: Information flow (LTC Dougherty)

     Section 4: Parking (SgtMaj Yagle)

     Section 5: Wear and Appearance of Cadet Uniforms and Insignia (1SG Brower)

Chapter 8: Emergencies and Severe Weather

     Section 1: Active shooters (SgtMaj Yagle and Col O’Leary)

     Section 2: Fire Safety (SgtMaj Yagle and Col O’Leary)

     Section 3: Hurricane Preparedness (SgtMaj Yagle and Col O’Leary)

     Section 4: Severe Weather (hot, cold, and lightning) Preparedness (Mr. Duke and Ms Haugen)


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