The Military College of South Carolina
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Vehicle Registration

Parking at The Citadel is a privilege and not a right. All registrants must comply with the following:

1.) Vehicles must be parked ONLY in the space assigned, at all times. (Cadets Only)

2.) Decals MUST be affixed to front and back windows as directed. (Cadets Only)

3.) To permit the search of your automobile by proper authority while on The Citadel Campus. (All Registrants)

4.) Decals MUST be removed upon termination of Cadet status. (Cadets Only)

5.) Notify Public Safety upon any of the following:

a. Transfer of Title or OR Sale of the registered vehicle. (Decals do not transfer.)

b. Change of registration status, year, number and/or State. Change of automobile description or change of insurance.

(All Registrants)

6.) Vehicle MUST meet State Inspection requirements. Parking on campus is at the owners own risk. (All Registrants)

7.) To allow no one to operate your vehicle on or off campus without a valid State operators permit. (All Registrants)

8.) Vehicles may be towed at owners expense and risk for excessive infractions of parking regulations. (All Registrants)

9.) Vehicle Operators may be asked to park their vehicles at alternative locations during special events. (All Registrants)

10.) Intentionally supplying false or inaccurate information on this form may result in revocation of the applicants registration privileges

(All Registrants)

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