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Kaplan Registration

Access Kaplan enrollment here: CITADEL - KAPLAN REGISTRATION FORM before 11:59pm on the 15th or 25th of the month. DO NOT REGISTER ON THE KAPLAN WEBSITE. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING REGISTRATION. The Citadel cannot process refunds once registered. 


Registrations are submitted to Kaplan twice monthly on the 16th & 26th. Give yourself about 3 weeks from registration to start date. For example, if you register on the 19th, your materials will be sent to Kaplan on the 26th.  You will receive your print materials about one week later and would be available to start class the 2nd week of the following month.    

Which Kaplan course to choose? 

1. Go to and type in your test choice - GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or DAT - or click on the individual link below:

2. Click through the options to select your preferred course start date and time

  • Scroll to “Prep Course Options” --> Click on “Online Course" or your course of choice
  • Click “See Schedules”
  • Scroll to review a schedule + timeline that starts at least 3 weeks after the day you register (i.e. you register on 1/25/21, you should look for an class that starts 2/8/21 or later).
  • Click on the “Course Details” link
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page to find the "Class Code" --> bottom left corner.
  • Copy and paste this into the Google registration form here: The Citadel Kaplan Course Registration
  • Self-paced will not have a class code. Enter "self-paced" in place of class code. 


3. Complete THE CITADEL KAPLAN REGISTRATION FORM by the 15th or the 25th of the month. The Citadel will submit        your registration on 16th & the 26th of the same month.   

4. Registration takes about 5 business days after the 16th & 26th.  You will receive an email confirmation from Kaplan. If you did not, contact Your Kaplan fee will post to your tuition account by the 5th of the month following your registration.    

5. Complete your payment in Lesesne Gateway (see instructions below). 

2021 Kaplan/Citadel Rates

Kaplan 2021 rates


What are the costs?
Your FASFA information will determine how much of a discount you receive based on the chart below. If you do not have a FASFA application, your amount will be the fee associated with "general population."

The registration page asks for a class code - What is that?  Kaplan classes have unique codes - 4 letters/4 numbers (example - GMSC0008) used by Kaplan to identify the class. These class codes are included online and in the printed schedules.

When will I see the Kaplan fee on my account? The fee will post to your tuition account (typically) before the 5th of the month after your registration date. Pay fees by the 25th of the month to avoid any late fees. Student accounts with a balance greater than $500 are assessed a late fee of $150.00 on the 25th of the month.

How do I make a payment?  You may pay online or in the Treasurer's office using credit card, cash, or check (in the same way you would pay for your tuition). Steps to pay online:

  1. Log into your Lesesne Gateway account
  2. Select “Student" tab > Click "to pay tuition and review billing information”
  3. Click "I agree." Then, Select “Payments" tab > “Make a Payment”
  4. Choose payment method > Follow instructions to pay > Review payment confirmation

Can I pay for this with funds from my restricted account? The Kaplan fee will be charged to your tuition account by the 5th  of the month following your registration. If funds are available in your restricted account, email the One Card office ( to request the fee be paid with the funds from your One Card. If you have funds available (and accessible) the Treasurer's Office can transfer funds from the One Card account to cover your Kaplan fee. 

Will Kaplan contact me directly? Kaplan will communicate with you within 5 business days after the 16th or the 26th of the month, depending on when you registered.  

  1. Kaplan will mail your print material to you (or to The Citadel Career Center if you direct it to us) 
  2. You will receive email communication from Kaplan regarding online materials and instructions
  3. Students who do not receive this typically entered an improper email address on the original registration. Email or visit The Citadel Career Center for help. 

HELP!?  Preparation and planning for graduate school is a process. Email or schedule an appointment in your Handshake account for help. 

Questions? Contact/Email Office
MCAT & Pre Health Advising Dr. Kathy Zanin / Bond Hall 322 
MCAT & Pre Health Advising  Dr. Sarah Imam / Deas Hall Rm 204
LSAT & Pre Law Advising Dr. Tom Horan / Capers 128C
Citadel Treasurer’s Office Bond Hall 112
The Citadel Career Center  The Citadel Career Center 573 Huger Street
Kaplan Coordinator  




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