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Citadel Accelerated Entry Program to MUSC Professional Health Degrees

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In partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), highly qualified students at The Citadel who are seeking the B.S. in Biology degree may apply to medical or dental school a year early. If accepted into MUSC’s program, they will skip their fourth year at The Citadel and attend MUSC medical or dental school. After successful completion of the first year coursework at MUSC, that course credit will be applied to their coursework at The Citadel, and the student will graduate with a B.S. in Biology. Students will then complete their graduate education at MUSC, allowing them to complete both their B.S. in Biology and an MD or DMD degree in 7 years (3+4) instead of the normal 8 (4+4).

3 years at The Citadel + 4 years at MUSC programs

Student eligibility requirements - per MUSC

  1. Student must take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) prior to June 30 following completion of the sophomore year (for Early Decision applicants) or prior to July 30 following their sophomore year (for Regular Admission applicants). The current minimum score accepted by MUSC on the MCAT is 508 (which may change annually, but the standard is that the score falls in the top quartile).
  2. Student's unadjusted GPA at the time of application to medical school must be a 3.50 or higher.
  3. Student must complete a minimum of 90 semester credit hours at The Citadel (not including any AP credits, IB credits, or transfer credits) prior to matriculating at MUSC.
  4. All Citadel general education requirements must be completed prior to matriculating at MUSC.
  5. It is recommended, but not required, that students complete two semesters of the following courses prior to applying to MUSC: general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics.
  6. Other suggested courses that are valuable in preparing for the MD curriculum are anatomy, biochemistry, cell biology, embryology, genetics and physiology. The following courses are also suggested to support preparation for the MCAT: two semesters of introductory biology, introductory physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, sociology and psychology.
  7. All applicants are expected to complete significant experiences providing clinical exposure to inform their decision to enter medicine. These experiences, ideally, should be attained through participation in a formal Citadel internship (or similar) supervised course and independent student planning. The latter would demonstrate a personal commitment to explore this career path.
  8. A recommendation from the appropriate Faculty Advisor or Department Chair at The Citadel endorsing the accelerated student is required. The letter should outline the student's special characteristics that demonstrate preparation, both academically and developmentally, for the rigors of medical school. The letter should be included in the student's medical school application materials and should be sent directly to the MUSC College of Medicine Admission Office at the following address: College of Medicine Admissions Office, 96 Jonathan Lucas Street, Suite 601, MSC 617, Charleston, SC 29425. The student is responsible for identifying the individuals to write the letters and providing them with the necessary information to complete and submit the letters.

Student responsibilities - per The Citadel

  1. The student must complete this Intent to Participate form and file it with the Office of the Registrar in Bond Hall, Room 173 and notify their academic advisor.
  2. If, after filing this Intent to Participate form, the student decides to withdraw from the program or attend another college or university, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar to withdraw from this program.
  3. Be responsible for understanding and following the requirements for The Citadel and MUSC degrees and the specific requirements for their intended major at The Citadel.
  4. Meet all eligibility requirements for the Accelerated Pathway program as outlined above.
  5. Follow all MUSC admission processes and timelines.
  6. If the student is accepted to MUSC and completes the first year of study at MUSC, a formal application for Citadel graduation must be submitted; an official MUSC transcript fully documenting completion of the first year of medical school will need to be sent to The Citadel.
  7. Graduation from The Citadel is not guaranteed and is subject to the student meeting all applicable requirements of the Academic Catalogue and successful completion of the formal application for graduation with the Office of the Registrar. If all of these requirements are met, a degree will be awarded no earlier than the May graduation after completion of the first year of medical school.
  8. If a student is enrolled at MUSC but leaves before successfully completing the first year of medical school, the student may seek to transfer completed MUSC credits on a course-by-course basis using The Citadel's credit transfer processes. There is no guarantee that any credits will be transferred.

 For more information please contact Dr. Kathy Zanin at

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