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Kaplan Registration


Please review information below BEFORE registering.
* Once registered, you are entering into a financial agreement to enroll in this course and pay the associated fee.

The Citadel is now a Kaplan Partner School. This partnership will allow currently enrolled Citadel students to take Kaplan Courses at discounted rates to better prepare for graduate school entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT and many more.

Kaplan is the test prep leader. For more than 70 years, they have helped students succeed on exams and get into choice schools. Courses provide expert insight, perspective and advice on a range of topics and issues relevant to admissions tests.
Click here for Kaplan tests educational videos.

Can anyone register for a Kaplan Course through The Citadel partnership?
You must be a currently enrolled Citadel student in “Good Financial Standing.” This means you must have no outstanding balances on your student account. Access your financial account through Lesesne Gateway by following the “HOW DO I PAY FOR MY KAPLAN COURSE?” visit The Treasurer’s Office Bond Hall 112, or email to ensure there are no holds on your account BEFORE registering.

What are the fees for the Kaplan Citadel Discount?
“Expected Family Contribution” (EFC) it is a number that determines students' eligibility for federal student aid. The EFC formulas use the financial information students provide on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) to calculate the EFC.\

Kaplan 2019 Student Fees

Which Kaplan course to choose?
1. Navigate to
2. Select your program of interest, enter your zip code, press "Go".
3. Choose the delivery channel: On Site, Live Online, Self-Paced
4. Click "time and details" for the detailed schedule.
5. Once a schedule is chosen, copy the class code and paste it into the box below on the below registration link (directions below).

How do I register?
Complete your registration by the 15th of the month (or the following business day if the 15th falls on a weekend).
Register for your Kaplan course here: CLICK THIS LIVE REGISTRATION LINK
If you experience technical issues, reload page in a new browser, or you may also email for the registration link.

The registration page asks for a class code. What is that?
Each Kaplan class has a unique code consisting of four letters followed by four numbers (e.g., GMSC0008) used by Kaplan to identify the class. These class codes are included online and in the printed schedules.

How do I pay for my Kaplan Course? When will I see the fee?
Register for the discounted rate by following the “HOW DO I REGISTER” instructions above. The associated fee will be posted to your tuition account, in Lesesne Gateway, on the 5th of the month.
Pay fees by the 25th of the month to avoid any late payment issues. Student accounts with a balance greater than $500 are assessed a late fee of $150.00 on the 25th of the month.

How do I make a payment?
1. Log into your Lesesne Gateway Account
2. Select “Student Tab” > “Click to pay tuition and review billing information?”
3. Click "I agree." Then, Select “Payments Tab’” > “Make a Payment”
4. Choose your payment method > Follow instructions to pay > Review payment confirmation.
5. Print and or save a receipt for your records

Can I pay for this with funds from my restricted account?
Restricted accounts are for necessities (not optional expenses). However, on an individual basis (after mid-terms), if students are participating in a Citadel sponsored event (like a Kaplan course), and IF students have excess funds left in a restricted account, the Treasurer’s Office may allow the student to apply these funds to Kaplan. If you meet these guidelines, contact The Citadel Treasurer Office Bond Hall 112, or email with your name, CWID, and reference this document to inquire if you are eligible.

Will Kaplan contact me directly?
Once you have completed your online registration through The Citadel’s website, The Career Center will communicate first with Financial Aide to determine your EFC score, with the Treasurer’s Office to ensure you are eligible to enroll. This communication will happen typically on 16th of the month (or the following Monday in the 16th falls on a weekend).

Kaplan will mail your print materials to The Citadel Career Center. They should be available the week after your registration. The Citadel Career Center will email you when these are received. You should also receive communication from your Kaplan instructors once your course has started. For any issues, contact or visit The Citadel Career Center or your Kaplan Academic Advisor.

What do I do if I need help?
Preparation and planning for graduate school is a process. If you are just starting the journey, there are steps to take to understand what you need to do to be successful. Click here to see a variety of tools Kaplan offers to support your education on this topic.

The Citadel Career Center hosts drop-in hour daily Mon-Thurs 1pm-4pm to help all students navigate career choices. If you have specific graduate school questions, email Dr. Sarah Imam to discuss options.

Other contact information?
Have a specific question regarding your Kaplan Course, the registration process, or academic advising please reach out to one of these helpful resources:

Questions? Contact/Email Office

Academic Advising (General questions for all students and for Pre Health advising)

Dr. Sarah Imam
Deas Hall
Academic Advising for LSAT Dr. Tom Horan
Capers 128C
Citadel Treasure’s Office Bond Hall 112
KAPLAN Course questions Email for KAPLAN point of contact  
Registration or Career Related questions The Citadel Career Center Staff Career Center 573 Huger Street

Are refunds or class transfers available?
Registering for the class is making a commitment to a financial obligation. Once you have logged in and used resources or attended class, you are not eligible for a refund.

If you have registered and need to transfer to different in-person class due to extenuating circumstances, you may do so by contacting Kaplan directly (visit schedules found at


Download this page as a PDF.


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