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General Education Courses

Fall 2022:

Freshman Seminar Course Descriptions-under construction

General Education Strand Course Descriptions

The Five General Education Strands:

All Citadel Day Students will be required to pick one of five offered general education strands. Once you declare a strand you can only take general education courses associated with that particular strand. Your chosen strand can be found on your degree audit in Degree Works

        Citizenship- The competing pressures of rights and responsibilities

        Conflict- The realities of peace and war

        Sustainability- The necessity of living in harmony with nature

        Technology and Innovation- The impact of technology on our lives

        Wellness- The way to live a good life, one that is sound in mind and body

Naming Convention:

  History English Natural
Technology & Innovation HISS 301 ENGS 301 NTSS 301 SCSS 301 ELES 301
Conflict HISS 302 ENGS 302 NTSS 302 SCSS 302 ELES 302
Citizenship  HISS 303 ENGS 303 NTSS 303 SCSS 303 ELES 303
Wellness HISS 304 ENGS 304 NTSS 304 SCSS 304 ELES 304
Sustainability HISS 305 ENGS 305 NTSS 305 SCSS 305 ELES 305

Tutorial Videos:

Which Strand to Choose?
How to Declare a Strand



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