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The Military College of South Carolina
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Office Hours:                                                                            

Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm                      

Bond Hall room 173


It is the vision of the Office of the Registrar to consistently employ and provide exceptional tools, resources, and customer service to empower the campus community in pursuit of academic excellence, and in service to the education and development of our students in becoming principled leaders.


The Office of the Registrar exists to foster academic progress of our student populations from first contact and beyond graduation by providing academic support services for the campus community and in furtherance of The Citadel’s mission of achieving excellence in the education and preparation of principled leaders. The Office of the Registrar, in advancement of The Citadel’s vision and mission, utilizes a myriad of available technologies and systems, developing and adjusting its processes and procedures, to deliver services and information in an ever-efficient manner. The Office of the Registrar subscribes to the highest ethical principles of our profession and strives to serve the campus community with honesty, integrity, and accuracy.

            The Office of the Registrar reports to the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs, and is responsible for the maintenance and upholding of academic programs and policies including, but not limited to:

Academic probation

  • Tracking student performance and updating academic status to include being placed on, and removed from, academic probation, in accordance with The Citadel’s academic policies
  • Processing academic discharges and academic dismissals for students who fail to maintain the academic minimums as outlined in the Citadel’s Academic Catalogs.
  • Processing reversals/reinstatements of students who have successfully petitioned academic discharges/dismissals

Course Scheduling

  • Creating and maintaining the institution’s Master Course Schedule


  • Maintaining and implementing academic curricula and policy
  • Degree Evaluations and the maintenance of DegreeWorks auditing systems mirroring curricula changes


  • Confirmation of ring eligibility for students in day programs
  • NCAA Certification


  • Diplomas
  • Replacement diplomas
  • Certified Electronic Credentials (CeDiploma/CeCertificate)
  • Review of degree evaluations in preparation of degree conferral/graduation


  • Grade replacement
  • Processing official changes of grades
  • Certifying academic information as related to academic awards
  • Collaboration with faculty to ensure timely submission of midterm, final, and resolutions of incomplete grades.


  • Responsible for processing and reviewing applications and materials related to students who have been discharged from undergraduate programs seeking to return to The Citadel; to include securing departmental approvals where appropriate


  • Maintenance of a FERPA Release database
  • Maintaining a list of students who refuse to allow disclosure of directory information as per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
  • Maintaining students’ academic records while safeguarding documentation integrity
  • Course substitutions and waivers

Registration Services

  • Facilitating students, faculty, and staff with registration processes
  • Enrollment Certification and Degree Verifications
  • Calculating students’ academic classifications based upon credit hours earned


  • Making residency determinations in adherence with state guidelines and regulations

Transfer Credit

  • Maintenance of accepted AP, IB, CLEP and DANTES examinations, scores and equivalent credit
  • Evaluation and awarding of transfer credits from courses taken at other institutions and or credit by examination results


  • Preparation and dissemination of official transcripts in compliance with FERPA regulations
  • Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of information contained within our transcripts and verifying secure means of transmission/dissemination thereof
  • Preparation and dissemination of The Citadel’s Leadership Development Transcript for The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets              

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