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Supply Management

Welcome to Supply Management

Please contact the Property Manager, if he can be of service. Click here for contact information.

This section describes the procedures to be followed by supply management. Supply Management, in a broad sense, is responsible for equipment, materials, and supplies after they are acquired.

The goals and objectives of supply management include the following:

  • To support faculty, staff, and cadets by ensuring that all goods and services are properly received, stored, and distributed.
  • To ensure accountability of stored cadet luggage.
  • To support other cadet functions in a timely manner.

Supply Management is responsible for two major functions:

  • The receipt and distribution of acquired goods and services across the campus
  • Cadet support through storage and maintenance of barrack supplies

Supply Management maintains the Central Supply Warehouse. Its two major areas are as follows:

  • Central Stores
  • Physical Distribution

Central Stores
Central Stores maintains a stock of materials used in sufficient quantity by a number of different departments or in large enough quantity by any one department to allow the purchase of the commodity in economic order quantities. In addition, it stocks janitorial supplies that are used by more than one department or are used on a repetitive basis by one department. Stock items will be reviewed annually in April to determine retention for the coming year. The Director of Procurement Services shall approve all additions/removals.

To place an order, please follow this link to the orders page.

Physical Distribution
The physical distribution function is to receive all materials (with few exceptions) shipped to the college for delivery to the requisitioning department, for delivery of all Central Stores orders, for coordinating all outboound shipments and for operating a short-term storage facility.


The receiving function is to receive all incoming shipments; assuring that the shipments are received in good condition, and in accordance with the bills of lading.

  • The receiving warehouseman will receive, inspect for damage and sign for all incoming shipments. Bills of lading will be maintained in a file by month.
  • The Physical Distribution Log will be completed for all incoming shipments.
  • Shipments received will be inspected for damage upon delivery. Damages found will be annotated on the bill of lading or delivery ticket and a Material Discrepancy Report will be completed and forwarded to the responsible procurement officer for resolution.
  • Shipments received which are marked for "next day" delivery will be pulled and delivered to the using department the same day that they are received. A register log of all deliveries will be maintained by the Supply Manager for follow up purposes.


The distribution function is to distribute all received materials and Central Stores items to the receiving departments.

The Physical Distribution Log will be used to record all deliveries.
The delivery person will require the departmental representative to sign the log noting the number of cartons, packages, cases, etc., received.
Distribution will not deliver personal items shipped to The Citadel.
The purchase order number will be used to locate the using department.


All properly packaged and addressed shipments to be shipped by commercial carriers will be delivered to the Supply Warehouse. Should special assists in delivering packages to the warehouse be needed, please contact the Supply Manager directly. Shipments will be made in accordance with instructions provided. Freight charges will be billed to the originating department.

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