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The Military College of South Carolina
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Annual Inventory

A physical inventory of all property will be made annually. An Inventory Verification List will be produced each year and distributed to the departmental custodian accompanied by instructions on accomplishing the inventory verification. The Inventory Verification List will be provided by the first day of the month in which the inventory verification is scheduled, and the completed verification must be returned by the last day of the month.

If a change in the annual verification month is desired, contact the Property Manager.

Month Department Organization Code(s)
JANUARY Athletics 70001
  Physics 27501
  Laundry 45501
  Health & Human Performance 27401/27402
  Krause Center 10005
  Cadet Activities 60301
  Chemistry 27301
FEBRUARY Cadet Store 43501
  Infirmary 45001
  Beach House 115100
  Library 20301
  Museum 20351
  Procurement Services 42501
MARCH Public Safety 11101
  Biology 27201
  Grounds 30006
  Director of Physical Plant 30002
  Director of Financial Services 41001
APRIL Motor Pool 30008
  Civil Engineering 25101
  Electrical Engineering 25201
  Business Administration 23001
  Mechanical Engineering 25301
  School of Engineering 25001
MAY Dining Services 44501
  Citadel Graduate College 20251
  ITS 20601/20602
  Buildings Division 30004
JUNE Counseling Center  
  VP Facilities and Engineering 30001
  Construction Management 30010
  Post Office 11202
  Boating Center 30009
JULY Tailor Shop 46001
  School of Humanities 26001
  Undergraduate Admissions 20401
  Human Resources 11201
  Utilities Division 30005
  Gift Shop 44001
AUGUST Office of the President 10001
  Nursing 27601
  Auxiliary Director 43508
  Provost 20001
  Sports Medicine 70150
  Quarters One 10004
SEPTEMBER Commandant 60001
  Band 60003
  Communications and Marketing 50001
  Administrative Facilities 70003
  Zucker School of Education  

Central Stores Inventory Procedures
A Central Stores inventory will be conducted annually during the month of June.

  • All stores will be frozen at a predesignated time and will remain frozen until inventory is completed.
  • Two teams acting independently of each other will conduct the inventory.
    - Both teams will use the Stock Count List generated by the central stores requisitioning system to record their count.
    - Both counts will be compared by the Supply Manager.
    - If the two counts do not agree on a given item, then a recount of that item will be taken by the Supply Manager.
  • Upon completion of the physical inventory, the Supply Manager will complete a Stock Value List.
  • The Supply Manager will certify that the report is true and accurate and submit the reports to the Director of Procurement Services.
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