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The Military College of South Carolina
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Luggage Storage

Cadets may store luggage on campus in the Central Supply Warehouse, located behind McAlister Field House.

Policies and Procedures
Cadets may store luggage at their own risk. The college will not be liable for the loss or theft of any stored items. Each cadet will carry or accompany his own luggage when placing it in, or removing it from, storage.

Please remember the following:

  • Luggage must not be left on the loading dock.
  • Luggage must be taped or locked securely prior to acceptance.

Packing Items for Storage
1. Each cadet has a maximum 4'x4' wide x 2' high space provided that will accomodate the following:

  • Two standard boxes,
  • One footlocker,
  • One standard suitcase.

NOTE: Standard boxes are 24" tall, 17" wide and 22" deep and may be purchased for convenience at the Central Supply Warehouse for cash only. The storage of any other item(s) not packed in the above described standard box will not be accepted.

2. Items which cannot be stored include:

  • Bicycles, refrigerators, and surfboards;
  • Fans, stereos, computers and laundry bags (unless these items are packed in a standard box).

3. Luggage should be tagged as follows:

  • All luggage must be marked for identification;  include name and CWID number.
  • Warehouse personnel will affix a computer generated label to your storage items.

4. Secure items for storage using the following guidelines:

  • Cadets must print their last name and initials and CWID # on all sides of boxes to be stored;
  • Footlockers must be securely locked;
  • Standard boxes must be taped closed;
  • Suitcases must be secured.

Access to the Luggage Storage Area of the Central Supply Warehouse
Cadets may access the luggage storage area Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1600 during the normal academic year. During this time, items may be removed from, or placed into, storage.

Cadets must present their Citadel identification card to gain access to, or remove items from, storage.

Cadets who cannot find their luggage will be referred to Supply Personnel. A complete search of the storage area will be made by the cadet and a warehouseman. If it is deemed that the luggage is lost/missing, a report will be forwarded to the Director of Procurement Services for resolution.

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