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The Citadel Math Club

Purpose: The primary goal of the math club is to promote mathematical interest and activity among students at The Citadel, and to strengthen the interaction and relationship between students and faculty members. We meet on the second Monday of each month at noon. During our meetings, we discuss and solve interesting mathematical problems, attend seminars, socialize, and engage in activities related mathematics.

Current Members and Officers

Members: Jamme J. Butler, Hsin-Yun Ching, Pang J. Hsu, Shadonna J. Littlejohn, Zachary Smith, John C. Pippins, Elizabeth Spoehel, Skyler Addy, Aaron Fannin, Aaron Gilberto, William Hesse, Zachary Parker, Ian Taylor, Connor Fuhrman, Nathaniel Ballard, Sylvester Freeman, Matthew Blair, Mathew Daugomah, Grayson Gasque, RJ Hadley, Jesse Harbaugh, Rick Henriquez, Will Jensen, Jake Norris, Aaron Reynolds, Dylan Roland, Trey Stevens, Joseph Taffner, and Noah Wells

Officers:president - Jamme Butler, vice president - Elizabeth Spoehel, secretary - Zachary Parker

Schedules for AY 2018 - 2019

  • September: Our first Fall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18. Cadet Matthew Blair will present his research, and we will break into groups to discuss various topics of concern to mathematics majors. 
  • October: On Tuesday, October 23, we will have a practice Math Jeopardy competition to prepare for the first college-wide competition. 
  • November: On Tuesday, November 13, faculty will be discussing their areas of research interest.  Find a topic that interests you and start a project.
  • December: On Tuesday, December 4, we will be hosting a game night.  Have some fun before final exams start.
  • Spring Schedule TBA

Schedules for AY 2017 - 2018

  • September: Our first Fall meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 18. We introduce ourselves to other math club members and take group photos. Also, faculty members talk about their research interest and/or research projects. 
  • October: Holly Oppel from OIDP gives a presentation, and we will practice math jeopardy problems and watch videos relate to math applications. 
  • November: We meet on November, 13th. Jimmy Hepburn, a student from University of South Carolina gives us a presentation on "Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and Gliman Award". On November 28th, we meet for a bonus November math club meeting. Mike Garrambone from InfoSciTex gives us a presentation "Sun Tzu: The Warrior, Tactician, Strategist, and Military Analyst". 
  • February: We meet on February 12th. Math major Mr. Ching presents his research project, and we do a puzzle problem. 
  • March: We meet on March 5th and celebrate the PI Day. Our senior Mr. Bolus presents his research project. 
  • April: We meet on April 9th. We elect the Math Club officers for AY 2018-2019. Mr. Jamme Butler will be the Math Club president, Ms. Elizabeth Spoehel will be the vice president, and Mr. Zachary Parker will be the secretary. Our senior Mr. Harper presents his research project. Also, Dr. Robinson presents the Math Education program. 


Schedules for AY 2016 - 2017

  • September: Our first Fall meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 12. Dr. Groetsch gives us a presentation on the prcedures and processes of applying for graduate schools.
  • October: We have Math Jeopardy practice rounds on Monday, October 10. 
  • November: Our senior Mr. Harbol and Mr. McAnally present their research project on Monday, November 7. 
  • December: We don't usually have a meeting in December. We have one this year. Mr. Robinson A. Higuita from Colombia gives us a talk on “GCD Properties of Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials”. 
  • February: We meet on February 13th. Our senior Mr. McAnally presents his recent research poject. Also,  the director of The Ciatdel Career Center Ms. Page Tisdale presents career related issues. 
  • March: We meet on March 13th. We celebrate the Pi Day and several math majors present their work. 
  • April: We meet on April 10th. We elect Math Club officers for AY 2017 - 2018 and several math majors present their current projects/work. Mr. James Andrus will be the president, and Mr. Jamme Butler will be the vice president, and Mr. Zachery Smith will be the secretary of the Math Club for AY 2017 - 2018. Also, there are a few ideas for math club activities proposed at the meeting: play games/puzzles; have joint meetings with ACM club; faculty members present their research ideas that can get the math club members invloved. 



Schedules for AY 2015 - 2016

  • September: Our first Fall meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 7. There is a puzzle competition with prizes.
  • October: A graduate student in math education John Adams gives us a talk on Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers on October 12th. 
  • November: Dr. George Rudolph presents "Graphs, Laughs, Matrix Mirrors, Sterling Stirling and Outta-sight Insights" on November 2nd. 
  • February: A math graduate student Ms. Rachael Graves and the visiting professor Dr. Tingting Fang give presentations on their research. 
  • March: We celebrate the national Pi day on March 14th. Dr. David Trautman presents interesting facts about π, and cadet McAnally presents his research result on Fibonacci numbers. 
  • April: Dr. Mukherjee presents her recent research results on April 11th. 


Members: Kaige M. Lindberg, Meriel T. Robinson, Marcus Q. Harbol, Nathan S. McAnally, Luke R. Tiscareno, Welfare Wang, James L. Andrus, Topper J. Knutson-Harper, Jamme J. Butler, John C. Campbell, Hsin-Yun Ching, Pang J. Hsu, Shadonna J. Littlejohn, Grayson D. Smith, Dustan O. Vinson, Samuel K. Long

Officers:president -Marcus Harbol, vice president - Kaige M. Lindberg, secretary - James Andrus


Schedules for AY 2014 - 2015

  • September: We meet on September 1st for our first meeting. A Post Doctoral Scholar Dr. Christian Rossmann gives us a talk on "Computer Modeling and Simulation in Applied Medicine".
  • October: Dr. Rigoberto Flórez gives us a talk on one of his research project.
  • November: The Commandant CAPT Geno Paluso (who was a math major at The Citadel) talks about how math major has helped him after his graduation.
  • February: Freshmen James Andrus and Topper J. Knutson-Harper present "Experiments in Topology".
  • March: Dr. Leandro Junes from California University of Pennsylvania gives us a talk "Pi and Copyright Infringement". Several interesting facts about the number Pi including some of its history and many "especial" sequences that appear in the decimal expansion are discussed in his talk.
  • April: We elected Math Club officials for AY 2015 - 2016. Marcus Harbol was elected president of the Math Club. Also, Marcus Harbol and Kaige M. Lindberg presented their research projects.

Schedules for AY 2013 - 2014

  • September: We meet on September 23rd for our first meeting. We elect officers for the math club. The secure operations center(SOC) manager Brad Warneck at PhishLabs gives a presentation at the meeting about the cyber-security solutions they offer at his company.
  • October: Dr. Rigoberto Flórez gives us a talk on Fibonacci numbers.
  • November: It's a movie night on November 11th.
  • February: Dr. Groetsch gives us a talk on "What is an inverse problem?" on February 10th.
  • March: We celebrate the Pi day.
  • April: Mr. John Watson and Ms. Rachel Graves (a graduate student) present their research work. Also, new officers are elected for the coming year.

Schedules for AY 2012 - 2013

  • September: We meet on September 10th for our first meeting. We electe officials and discuss options for math club activities.
  • October: October 15th, Dr. Chartier's, Professor of Mathematics of Davidson College presents "A Pretty Mathematical Face".
  • November: November 12th, Dr. Trautman presents "Double Factorials".
  • February: February 8th, Dr. Todd Wittman presents on "Mathematical Image Processing".
  • March: March 11th, two math seniors present their senior projects.
  • April: April 12th, a guest from Boeing presents applications in Boeing industry.

Activities from AY 2011 - 2012

  • September: We met on September 12th for our first meeting. We discussed options for math club activities and practiced a few math jeopardy contest problems.
  • October: We met on October 10th. Math club members were divided into two groups and participated in math jeopardy contest practice round.
  • November: Meet on November 14th.
  • February: We had a math club meeting in February.
  • March: We celebrated the Pi day on March 14th.
  • April: The math club president Kuo-Wei Yao presented his senior project at the meeting.

Activites from AY 2010-2011

  • September: Meet on September 6th for our first meeting. Officers are elected during this meeting.
  • October: Meet on October 4th. Dr. Hurd gives us a talk on Egyptian graphs.
  • November: Attend state dinner at the Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach and have fun on the beach. Attend Dr. Trautman's talk on campus.
  • December: Meet on December 6th. Dr. Moore gives us a talk on a mathematical paradox.
  • February: Meet on February 7th. Watch a movie "A Beautiful Mind" based on life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., a Nobel Laureate in Economics.
  • March: Meet on March 7th. Dr. Margaret Francel gives us a talk about Euler Officer Problem.
  • April: Meet on April 11th. Ms. Chai-Yu Hu presents her senior project. Officers are elected for AY 2011 - 2012: Kou-Wei Yao (president), Wei-Fang Liu (vice president), and Po-Lun Su (secretary).
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