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Student Research

Skyler Addy ’21 and Zachary Parker ’21Partitioning Cards – This project is solving a problem posed in the Mathematics Magazine dealing with partitioning a deck of cards and satisfying given conditions. Advisors: Dr. Mukherjee, Dr. Swart

Elizabeth Spoehel '20 -- Closed Formula for a Problem Involving Lucas and Fibonacci Numbers -- This problem was posed as an open problme in the November 2017 issue of Fibonacci Quarterly.  Advisors: Dr. Flórez, Dr. Mukherjee

Hsin-Yun Ching ’19Fibonacci determinant and solution of system of linear equations with Fibonacci numbers as coefficients -- This project involves solving the determinant of a Fibonacci matrix and finding a solution of a system of equations with the Fibonacci matrix as the coefficient matrix. Cadet Ching has already received recognition in the August 2017 issue of Fibonacci Quarterly for solving the problem on the Fibonacci determinant.

He is currently working on extending both these problems to Lucas determinant and solution of system of linear equations with Lucas numbers as coefficients. Advisors: Dr. Flórez, Dr. Mukherjee

Timothy Clark ‘19 and William Jacobs ’19A New Algorithm for Discriminating Disease Status from Continuous and Binary Factors – This project is developing a new algorithm to adjust the logic regression framework to allow for the inclusion of continuous variables. Advisor: Dr. Nelson

James Andrus ’18Mulitcast Routing using Delay Intervals for Collaborative and Competitive Applications – This project is interdisciplinary between computer science and mathematics. Advisors: Dr. Banik, Dr. Swart, Dr. Verdicchio

Dawson Bolus ’18Style of Partitioning Positive Integers – This project on integer partitions originated as a proposed problem in Mathematical Monthly. Advisors: Dr. Mukherjee, Dr. Trautman

Topper Knutson-Harper ’18Modeling and Optimization for Crop Planning under Limited Groundwater Resources – This project applies mathematics to a real world problem. Advisor: Dr. Zhang

More to come soon....

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