The Military College of South Carolina
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Awards and Distinctions




Faculty Awards -

Dr. Rigoberto Florez - Recipient of 2019 Faculty Excellence in Research Award

florez spoehel   dscn1300

Dr. Todd Wittman - Recipient of 2019 Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

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Dr. Antara Mukherjee - Recipient of 2018 Medbery Teaching Award

antara maase

Remarks From Dr.  Mukherjee’s Colleagues and Students:

“Dr. Mukherjee has the magic to bring out the best in her students in mathematics.”

“In every instance she provided exceptional learning experiences to her students.”

“Dr. Mukherjee has a gift for engaging all students in the class in the lesson topic.”

“Dr. Mukherjee was a great teacher. She explained the info very clearly so I was able to understand it.”

Dr. Richard Robinson - Recipient (co-PI) of the STEM+Computing Grant

richard grant

Co-Principal Investigator
Project Title:  Integrating computing in STEM: Designing, developing, and investigating a team-based 
professional development model for middle- and high-school teachers.
Grant Title: STEM+Computing (STEM+C) 
Award Amount: $1,536,264.00
Project Duration: Sept 2017-Aug 2020

Student Awards 
Reves Award -
The Reves Award, for superior ability and outstanding achievements in mathematics or in computer science, was established by Jerry Reves in 1976 to honor his father, George Reves, a member of The Citadel's faculty and head of the mathematics department for many years. Jerry Reves is vice president for medical affairs and dean of the College of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. 
2019 Award Recipients:
Cadet Hsin-Yun Ching -- Mathematics Major
2018 Award Recipients:
Cadet James Andrus -- Mathematics Major
Cadet Dawson Bolus -- Mathematics Major

2017 Award Recipients:
Cadet Marcus Harbol -- Mathematics Major
Cadet Nathan McAnally -- Mathematics Major
Cadet Newton McCollum - Computer Science Major
Cadet Anthony Zovich - Computer Science Major
2016 Award Recipients:
Veteran Patrick Brice Ayres -- Computer Science major
Cadet Ike Clinton -- Computer Science major
Cadet Joshua Terry - Computer Science major
2015 Award Recipient:
Cadet Ya-Fang Fang - Electrical engineering major with minor in applied mathematics 
2014 Award Recipients:
OC Anthony Castillo - Mathematics and in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and minors in Computer Science, Management Info System, and Business Administration
Cadet Hugh Urey - Computer Science and Spanish, and minor in Cybersecurity
Cadet John Watson - Mathematics
2013 Award Recipients:
OC Nathan D. Cintula - Electrical and Computer Engineering, minor in Computer Science
Cadet Jonathan M. Hager - Electrical and Computer Engineering, minor in Computer Science
Cadet Wei-Fang Liu - Mathematics, minor in Spanish

2012 Award Recipients:
OC Gordon C. Finlay - Computer Science
Cadet Chinnaphon Uttaraparwanich - Electrical and Computer Engineerring, minor in Mathematics


2011 Recipient:
Sean R. Feeney
2010 Recipient:
Alexander J. Formato
2009 Recipients:
Tao-Hsiang Chang
Brennin S. Colegrove
Christopher J. Hall
Benjamin A. Hunter
2008 Recipients:
Jui-Chiang Chen
Logan Patrick Daigle
Franco Villongco
2007 Recipients:
Nawapong Unsuree
Dai-Yi Wu
2006 Recipient:
Edwin M. Spencer
2005 Recipient:
Shawna Ann Hartman
2004 Recipients:
Jeffrey J. Hoerl, Jr.
Patrick C. Reilly
2003 Recipients:
Blanca Binstock
Wittaya Innakkool
2002 Recipient:
Ronald V. Hatt
2001 Recipients:
Michael Jump
Riccardo Scalise
2000 Recipient:
I Mada Sudiana
1999 Recipient:
Matthew D. Bain
1998 Recipients:
Trent L. Bottin
Randall C. Finn
Jason S. Skinner
Sol-Yeong Yu
1997 Recipient:
Billy Smith
1996 Recipients:
Stephen K. Agee
Der-ren Kao
Joseph T. Isaac, III
1995 Recipient:
Ju-Chin J. Ma
1994 Recipient:
James F. Russ, II
1993 Recipient:
Christopher M. Rehney
1992 Recipient:
John Michael Peake
1991 Recipient:
Daniel W. Way
1990 Recipient:
Jeffrey W. Miller
1989 Recipient:
Stacey E. Robinson
1988 Recipient:
John H. Hughes
1987 Recipient:
David M. Fitzgerald
1986 Recipient:
Thomas G. Reed
1985 Recipient:
Joseph G. Figliola
1983 Recipient:
Robert P. Ring
1982 Recipient:
Ronald K. Miller
1980 Recipients:
Romulo S. Banzon
Dana R. McIntosh
1979 Recipient:
Mark Kleinman
1978 Recipient:
Charles A. Rains, Jr.
1976 Recipient:
Wilas Aroonsri





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