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Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education, was founded March 8, 1911 at the University of Illinois. Organized to recognize excellence in education, Kappa Delta Pi elects its membership from those who exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards, and promise in teaching and allied professions. It encourages improvement, distinction in achievement, and contributions to education. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society of, about, and for educators. Selection as a member of Kappa Delta Pi is based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a professional attitude that assures steady growth in the profession. Members have the responsibility as a recognized honor student and honored educator to maintain the high ideals of the Society and to extend its influence. Attending chapter meetings, performing service projects, serving as an officer, and modeling behaviors and attitudes appropriate to the honor bestowed upon members are ways to contribute to the profession.

Persons elected to membership remain for life; however, active membership is maintained through the payment of annual dues. Active Life Membership is also available. An active member is invited to attend the meetings of the chapter into which he or she was initiated and the meetings of any other chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. Attendance at conferences and the Convocation is also open to active members.


Invitation to membership in an active chapter at an institution shall be dependent upon fulfillment of the following qualifications without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex or handicapping condition.

General Qualifications:

  • Demonstration of worthy educational ideals
  • Expression of the intention to continue in the field of education
  • Manifestation of desirable professional qualities
  • Evidence of leadership attributes

Qualifications for undergraduates:

  • No less than final term sophomore standing (the equivalent of at least 50 semester hours earned by the end of the term prior to the time of initiation).
  • A grade point average ranking in the upper quintile of the institution, or a grade point average not less than a "B" (i.e., 3.00 out of 4.00)
  • At least twelve semester hours (or the equivalent) of Professional Education courses completed, in progress or programmed.

Qualifications for graduate students:

  • Regular graduate admission status in a degree program within an accredited college or university,
  • Completion of six (6) or more semester hours of graduate work in the same institution applicable to the degree program in which the student is enrolled,
  • At least twelve (12) semester hours of Professional Education courses completed, in progress or programmed,
  • A cumulative grade point average on all graduate work undertaken of at least 3.25 out of 4.00.

The faculty advisor for the Kappa Delta Pi chapter at The Citadel is Professor Elizabeth Connor.  If you have any questions, Professor Connor may be reached at (843) 953-5019 or by email

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