The Military College of South Carolina
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Surplus Property



Acquiring Surplus Property for Department Use
Contact LTC James de Luca to see if needed items are available from Surplus Property inventories.


Items Currently Obtainable from Surplus: (to see picture, if available, click Yes in photo column)


Quantity Item Make/Model Description Photos
1 keyboard Gateway/Destination    
1 keyboard Digital/LK4xx    
3 keyboard Gateway/7010758R    
1 printer Brother/HL-21    
4 Monitor Gateway/FPD 1565 15" LCD  
1 Printertoner cartridge Xerox/6R935    
print cartridge HP/38A    
1 print cartridge HP 42X    
1 printer deskjet HP D4160 C9068A    
1 printer toner cartridge Xerox 6R935    
1 photo printer Canon IP1800 1855B002    
1 printer deskjet HP 6122 C89548    
2 paper tray (printer) HP R78-6008    
4 speakers Gateway 7004408    
1 speakers Boston BA745    
1 speakers Dell A01    
1 easy clean filter 3M PF400XL    
1 touch pad input CPW-G     
1 motherboard E210882    
1 cable management arms HP 365403 DL360-64    
1 deskjet printer CB055A C6900    
1 print cartridge for 9500 HP C8550A    
1 paper shredder Sanyo SBS-520    
1 AC unit Fedders A3X05F2B-E window mount  
1 color TV Celera CL 1302    
1 desk fan Holmes HAOF90    
2 Box Fan Lasko 3723    
1 Box Fan Lasko 3733    
2 Box Fan Sears 453-81300    
1 Distribution Amplifier P/2 DA 4 Plus 15 PIN HP    
2 DVD/VHS Dual Deck Samsung DVD-V3650    
1 DVD Recorder DRW-500    
1 38mm camera Premier PC-800    
2 98X Laserjet Print Cartridge HP 92298X     
1 Laserjet 5N C3952A    
1 Paper Trimmer 2612    
2 Paper Trimmer 2618    
1 Microcassette Dictation Sanyo TRC-590M    
1 Microcassette Transcribing Sanyo TRC-6040    
1 Foot Controller Sanyo FS-56    
Reversible Window Fan Holmes HAWF-2041    
1 Electronic Calculator Sharp EL-21976 III    
1 Electronic Calculator Canon P20-DH    
1 Electronic Calculator Canon CEC0196    
1 Electronic Calculator  Ibico 1006    
3 Box fan Lasko    
1 Space Heater HFH441    
2 Printer,Scanner,Fax- Desk CB783A-238    
1 Printer,Scanner,Fax-Office CNFC66006H    
1 Electric Stapler Swingline P63111    

Disposal of Surplus Property
Whenever property is determined to be excess to the needs of the college, the property will be declared surplus and disposed of through the State Surplus Property Program. The property will be reported within 90 days of the surplus declaration date to the State Surplus Office on a Turn-In-Document.

A State screener will view the property and determine what is of value and what is junk. The items of value will be picked up and transferred to a central state warehouse. Junk will be evaluated by the Director of Procurement Services to determine if the property has value and can be sold according to the procedures of the State property regulations. If the property is determined to have no value by the Director of Procurement Services, it will be discarded according to state property regulations. The Property Manager will remove Citadel property tags affixed to the property at the time of disposal.

Sale of Surplus Property
Junk property determined to have value will be sold to the general public using sealed bids.

Bid Procedure

  • Bids shall be advertised in SCBO for at least 2 weeks.
  • Bids shall state the items for sale and have an appropriate public opening time established.
  • Bids shall be publicly opened by a recorder and an opener.
  • Bidders shall be notified of award and a bill of sale shall be provided for each item sold after payment.

All monies collected during the sale shall be turned in to the Treasurer for deposit into the General Fund. The Property Manager will remove Citadel property tags affixed to the property prior to sale.

> Go to the Surplus Solicitations and Awards page.

Acquisition Of State Surplus Property
The Citadel is authorized to obtain state and federal surplus property from the State Surplus Office.

Whenever such property is obtained that requires accountability, the Property Manager will prepare an Asset Control Sheet and enter the property in the Fixed Assets System. Property acquired under this program will be controlled in the same manner as purchased property.

The property will be tagged after the fair market value has been determined.


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