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Campus Housing

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The Citadel has 101 Faculty and Staff quarters units on the campus. These units range in size from 400 square foot single bedroom units to four bedroom units with 2700 square feet. The majority of the units are located in multifamily housing buildings of four or more units. Presently there are four single-family residences in the 101 total.

The Citadel's Facilities and Engineering Department is responsible for maintaining and renovating housing units. Renovations occur prior to occupancy and vary greatly in scope. The scope of the renovation is dependent on the work that is necessary to bring the unit to a state of good repair and functionality.

Typically, housing turnover occurs during the Christmas and summer breaks (or the close of a semester). Housing occupancy is usually at 95% or greater. Meaning that 96 or more, of the 101 units are occupied at any given time. Units are available for assignment to faculty and staff members who have an operational requirement to reside on the campus. An operational requirement is defined as being accessible to Citadel students in a faculty or coaching role, mainly after normal working hours; or, being available to respond to emergency campus work requirements. The criteria for assignment and policies and procedures related to housing are outlined in the Housing Policies and Procedures Manual. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the Housing Policy and Floor Plans for each unit.

Please note the revised Housing Policy became effective on 1 July 2000. Please follow the link at the top of this page for a copy of the updated Housing Policy.  

***The Housing Policy is being updated and will be available soon.***

If you have questions regarding housing, please contact Jonathan Lewellyn, Facilities and Housing Coordinator, at (O)843-953-1854, (C)843-469-2536, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Units that are "UNDER RENOVATION" are available.  

However, one or more of those units may alredy be assigned.  

Please, contact Jonathan (contact information, above) for the most up-to-date list of available units.


Dunnemann Apartment - NE3


         APPLICANT LIST        

 ***This list is arranged in no particular order***      

      Taylor Skardon        

        Lindsay Greenlee          

      E. Brown        

               Christa Graham                  

      Kathryn Hansen        

       Celeste Melvin          

       Caroline Strobbe           

      Justin Argenal          

     Jeffrey Soniak          

    Michelle Clifton        

   Dimitra Michalaka      

Clifford Jakes

       David Myers          

Grant Goodrich

Blake Harrell

Jon Craig

John Ward

 James de Luca

Sandra Walsh

Dee Davis

Milton Greene

Alfred Doctor

Chris Schrimsher

April Harriman

Kate Pilhuj

Sarah Tenney Sharman

JP Gunter

Tim Hanchon

Patti Becker

Anne Beddingfield

Komala Lituhayu

Christina Bowman

I-hao Victor Woo

Michael Verdicchio

Angela McKee

Craig Mosqueda

Michelle Brown

David Drake

Julie Welch

Lisa Lugo

Edwina McGill

Maria Hellin Garcia 

Aquila Lipscomb

Eartha Brown

Ruby Murray

Jenni Garrott

Kyle Mims

Sean Arledge

Michelle Lomonaco

Brent Thompson

James Grayson

Richard Robinson

Aren Sameulsen

Stanley Quarless

Roy Fenoff

Ivan Penkov