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The Citadel Math Club

Purpose: The primary goal of the math club is to promote mathematical interest and activity among students at The Citadel, and to strengthen the interaction and relationship between students and faculty members. We meet on the second Monday of each month at noon. During our meetings, we discuss and solve interesting mathematical problems, attend seminars, socialize, and engage in activities related mathematics.

Current Members and Officers

  • Members: Ryan Boodee, Wei-Fang Liu, Sharnay Green, Romar Banzon, Bruce Bogertey, Lewis Jackson, Kaige Lindberg, Nicholas Mosko, Shih Chuan Hung, Zachary Visser, Clarese Neill, Meriel Robinson, Brandon Rabon, Michelle Schoenfeld, John Watson, Kaylynn Wells, Dylan Berryman, Zachary Wimmer, Marc Eteve, Luis Lawson, Charles Sackett, Ya-Fang Fang, and Wei-Ming Chiu.
  • Officers:president - Wei-Fang Liu, vice president - Wei-Ming Chiu, secretary - Shih Chuan Hung

Schedules for AY 2012 - 2013

  • September: We meet on September 10th for our first meeting. We electe officials and discuss options for math club activities.
  • October: October 15th, Dr. Chartier's, Professor of Mathematics of Davidson College presents "A Pretty Mathematical Face".
  • November: November 12th, Dr. Trautman presents "Double Factorials".
  • February: February 8th, Dr. Todd Wittman presents on "Mathematical Image Processing".
  • March: March 11th, two math seniors present their senior projects.
  • April: April 12th, a guest from Boeing presents applications in Boeing industry.

Activities from AY 2011 - 2012

  • September: We met on September 12th for our first meeting. We discussed options for math club activities and practiced a few math jeopardy contest problems.
  • October: We met on October 10th. Math club members were divided into two groups and participated in math jeopardy contest practice round.
  • November: Meet on November 14th.
  • February: We had a math club meeting in February.
  • March: We celebrated the Pi day on March 14th.
  • April: The math club president Kuo-Wei Yao presented his senior project at the meeting.

Activites from AY 2010-2011

  • September: Meet on September 6th for our first meeting. Officers are elected during this meeting.
  • October: Meet on October 4th. Dr. Hurd gives us a talk on Egyptian graphs.
  • November: Attend state dinner at the Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach and have fun on the beach. Attend Dr. Trautman's talk on campus.
  • December: Meet on December 6th. Dr. Moore gives us a talk on a mathematical paradox.
  • February: Meet on February 7th. Watch a movie "A Beautiful Mind" based on life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., a Nobel Laureate in Economics.
  • March: Meet on March 7th. Dr. Margaret Francel gives us a talk about Euler Officer Problem.
  • April: Meet on April 11th. Ms. Chai-Yu Hu presents her senior project. Officers are elected for AY 2011 - 2012: Kou-Wei Yao (president), Wei-Fang Liu (vice president), and Po-Lun Su (secretary).