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Video Help for Frequently Asked LiveText Questions

Help for Citadel School of Education Students

  1. How to create your LiveText portfolio - Video
  2. How to send your portfolio for review - Video
  3. How to create a Visitor Pass - Video
  4. How to get LiveText to recognize you so you can see your courses - Video
  5. How to access your work from previous semesters - Video
  6. Add Multiple Photos to your LiveText Portfolio Using a Table - Video (no audio)
  7. Embed your Prezi Presentation into your LiveText - Video (no audio)
  8. Upload Video into a LiveText Assignment and Submit it for Assessment - Video (no audio)
  9. View Video Assessment - Video (no audio)

Help for Citadel School of Education Faculty

  1. How To Create a Personal Datasheet for Your Evaluations - Video
  2. How To Create a Rubric To Use With a Course Assignment - Video
  3. How To Create an Assignment For Your Course in LiveText - Video
  4. How To Use the Reviews Area in Your LiveText Account - Video
  5. Add Comments and Assess Video Assignments - Video

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