Why The Citadel?
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Admission to the Education Major

Admission to an Education Major at The Citadel is a three-level process. Students should read this section carefully so that this process is well understood.


School of Education Purpose - Undergraduate Programs

The purpose of the School of Education’s undergraduate programs is to serve the people of the Lowcountry, the state of South Carolina, the Southeast, and the nation by providing high quality programs in the preparation of secondary teachers and a K-12 program in physical education. While approximately 50 percent of the undergraduate student body is from the state of South Carolina, students from across the United States are involved in education programs at The Citadel. Reciprocal arrangements with other states and the accreditation of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education facilitate certification in all fifty states.


Assignment to Pre-Education Major


Students who are interested in the teaching profession are first assigned to Pre-Education or Pre-Physical Education (Teaching Track). For those interested in Physical Education (Teaching Track), please refer to the requirements of the Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science. At the Pre-Education level, it is the student’s responsibility to achieve passing scores—as determined by the South Carolina Department of Education—on the PRAXIS I basic skills exam in reading, writing, and mathematics. Students should take the PRAXIS I exams during their sophomore year and are responsible for ensuring that official records of passing scores are on file at The Citadel. Also, students—in consultation with their faculty advisors—are responsible for following the appropriate curriculum. In addition, students need to pay attention to their cumulative grade point average (GPR) since a 2.5 cumulative GPR is required for admission into the teacher education major.


Admission to Education Major


To be admitted to the Education Major, the student enrolled in pre-education must have the support of his or her advisor relative to suitability and interest in teacher education and must also have:

  1. Official passing scores on all three parts of PRAXIS I exams on file at The Citadel.
  2. Maintained a cumulative Grade Point Ratio of 2.500 or higher on at least 45 credit hours of coursework taken at The Citadel;
  3. Passed EDUC 101.

Students who have not met these requirements by the end of their sophomore year are not eligible for admission into a professional education program and will not be permitted to enroll in 300- (except EDUC 307 and EDUC 312) or 400-level Education courses.


Admission to the Internship in Teaching

(EDUC 499 or PHED 499)

Students must make a formal application for admission no later than May 1st of the previous academic year for admission to the spring internship in teaching. The internship is not normally offered to students in fall semesters. This application will be reviewed by the Committee on Admissions and Retention and will include, among other things, recommendations from professors in completed professional education and content area courses, recommendations from general education faculty, and an evaluation by the student’s advisor regarding the student’s suitability and interest in teacher education. In addition, the student must have:

  1. Completed all professional education courses and content coursework;
  2. Completed the following professional education courses with a cumulative GPR of at least 2.500: EDUC 101, 202, 206, 306, 312, and 401 (See the South Carolina Corps of Cadets College Catalog for PHED courses);
  3. Have on file at The Citadel the clearances required by the South Carolina State Department of Education through the FBI and SLED;
  4. Maintained a cumulative GPR of at least 2.500;
  5. Completed successfully all previous field experiences;
  6. Have on file at The Citadel official records of the appropriate PRAXIS II test score(s) and the appropriate Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) test score.

The Director of Teacher Education will be informed of the results of this review and will send official notice of admission or rejection to the student. In the absence of significant extenuating circumstances, a student not eligible for the Internship in Teaching will be required to change majors.


Graduation Requirements

To meet graduation requirements, the Teacher Education major must complete all requirements for one of the teaching field courses of study and must have earned a GPR of at least 2.500 on each of the following: all cumulative coursework and all professional education courses. In addition, passing scores on the appropriate PRAXIS II and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exams must be on file at The Citadel.


Completion of the curricular requirements may result in licensure by the South Carolina Department of Education.