The Military College of South Carolina
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Accommodation Procedures

  1. Students with disabilities requesting accommodations must meet with the Assistant Director of the Student Success Center - Services for Students with Disabilities to identify needs and discuss appropriate accommodations.

  2. Students must provide current, appropriate documentation that supports their disability and the accommodations requested.

  3. Arrangements for accommodations are made on an individual basis and are designed to equalize access to educational opportunities.

  4. An Accommodation Letter listing the appropriate accommodations will be prepared for students to hand-deliver or email to their professors.

  5. After the initial determination, if accommodation needs remain the same, students may renew their accommodation requests each semester.

  6. Students should schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of the Student Success Center if: they need to modify their accommodation requests, they are experiencing academic difficulties, or they have questions or need advice.

  7. Students should arrange an individual appointment with their professors to discuss their accommodation needs during the first week of the semester, if possible.

  8. Students requesting alternate testing accommodations should meet with their professors at least one week before the first test in order to provide this information to professors in a timely manner.

  9. Late requests for accommodations may cause a delay of requested accommodations.

  10. Accommodations are not retroactive. Professors can provide accommodations only after receiving an accommodation letter.

  11. Accommodations provided by other colleges or universities may not automatically be provided by The Citadel.

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