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MBA Course Descriptions

BADM 702 - MBA Essentials I - 3 Credit Hours
MBA Essentials I will cover baseline knowledge in the functional areas of business. This course will address communications, legal, leadership, and marketing. Prerequisite: None.

BADM 703 - MBA Essentials II - 3 Credit Hours
MBA Essentials II will cover baseline knowledge in the functional areas of business. This course will lay a foundation in economics, accounting, finance, and operations that the other courses will build upon. Prerequisite: None.

BADM 705 - Managing Innovation - 3 Credit Hours
This course focuses on innovation’s role in 21st Century organizations. It addresses the need for a systemic approach to building innovation capabilities and the challenges of integrating the many facets of innovation management. Leading innovators and building innovative organizations are covered from both a theoretical and applied approach. Topics addressed include fundamental theories of innovation, developing an innovation strategy, innovation as a business process, the role of the innovation context including leadership and organization, culture and values, people and skills, processes and tools, and assessing and improving innovation performance. Both classroom and alternative instructional methods will be used throughout the semester. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: BADM 702, BADM 703.

BADM 719 - Information Technology Management - 3 Credit Hours
This course introduces the student to the vocabulary of Management Information Systems (MIS) and explores how organizations are using information technology for a competitive advantage and redefining the way in which they interact with their stakeholders. Prerequisites: None

BADM 728 - Accounting for Executives - 3 Credit Hours
This course is designed to provide students with a knowledge of the basic tools and concepts used in managerial accounting and to provide an opportunity for students to employ their knowledge of financial and managerial accounting projects. It emphasizes identifying and interpreting relevant accounting information for decision-making by internal and external users. The focus is on the use of accounting information for decision-making, including behavioral and ethical aspects. Prerequisite: BADM 703

BADM 731 - Quantitative Methods for Operations Management - 3 Credit Hours
Students explore the role of operations management in building the competitive strength of the firm and in pursuing the firm's goals of customer satisfaction, profit, service delivery, quality and shareholder wealth. The course integrates classical and modern operations management methodologies with both hypothetical and real-world business cases. Students learn concepts and quantitative algorithms involved in designing and managing operations. Prerequisite: BADM 703

BADM 734 - Case Studies in Finance - 3 Credit Hours
This course provides students with a venue for applying the concepts and techniques from the Foundations of Finance course to complex business problems. The course content will be delivered primarily using the case method of analysis. Emphasis will be on teamwork and group analysis of directed and non-directed business finance cases. Students will be responsible for identifying relevant financial issues, offering alternative solutions, and making, justifying and critiquing recommended courses of action. A portion of the course will be devoted to analyzing cases with a significant international component. The course may also utilize simulation as a part of the course content. Prerequisite: BADM 703

BADM 735 - Ethical Leadership and Organizational Behavior - 3 Credit Hours
This course is a seminar that focuses on the understanding and application of organizational theory and leadership principles. In addition, the course will include components on developing individual leadership skills and different theories of organizations. The applications component of the course will include a variety of approaches such as cases, films, guest speakers, individual self-assessments, role play, team building exercises, and a leadership portfolio. Prerequisite: None. Cross listed: LDRS 722

BADM 737 - Strategic Marketing - 3 Credit Hours
This course examines how organizations gain and maintain a competitive advantage in a dynamic era. The course emphasizes the analysis of marketing decisions involving product, price, promotion, and distribution variables. Global opportunities are investigated. Prerequisite: BADM 702

BADM 740 - Global Business Strategy - 3 Credit Hours
This comprehensive and integrative MBA capstone course pulls together the concepts, tools, and approaches taught in all the required courses. This course uses a combination of cases which place students in diverse managerial positions and a business simulation which requires the student to act as a senior executive responsible for the strategic decisions of an organization, the course emphasizes the application, execution, and resolution of multi-dimensional problems. The course emphasizes the strategic management of the business unit and the development of a paradigm for strategic analysis, as well as matching internal processes with the implementation of diverse objectives. The focus is on business-level strategy and the role of leadership in improving performance. Prerequisites: BADM 728, BADM 731, BADM 734 and BADM 737. This course should be taken within the last six hours of a student's MBA program of study.

BADM 754 Strategic Consulting Experience – 3 Credit Hours
This course provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout their MBA coursework in a real-world business environment as project consultants. Consulting projects address issues of significance to client organizations, and project teams make recommendations to client management through oral presentations and written reports based on a thorough analysis of the client organization and environment. MBA Capstone course. Prerequisites: BADM 728, BADM 731, BADM 734, and BADM 737, or with permission of instructor. Registration requires permission of MBA advisor.

BADM 765 - Business Plan - 3 Credit Hours
This course is designed to focus on researching, developing, writing and presenting business plans with associated financials for a new product and/or service that is not available in the current market place. MBA Capstone course. Prerequisites: BADM 728, BADM 731, BADM 734 and BADM 737. This course should be taken within the last six hours of a student's MBA program of study.


Elective Courses

BADM 713 - Communication for Leadership - 3 Credit Hours
This course provides insight on the role of organizations as communication systems in which effective writing and speaking are crucial. Emphasis is on developing awareness of verbal and written styles, interpersonal skills, and creating a repertoire of writing and speaking strategies. Prerequisites: None

BADM 716 - Legal and Ethical Environment for Decision Makers - 3 Credit Hours
This course introduces the framework of law and ethics within which businesses operate and provides the student with a broad understanding of common law (contract, tort, and property) as well as statutory, administrative, and Constitutional law. Prerequisites: None

BADM 726 - Financial Statement Analysis - 3 Credit Hours
This course examines the basic techniques of using financial statement analysis to evaluate an organization’s financial performance. Topics include cash versus accrual measures of profitability, working capital management, cash flow forecasting, credit analysis, and valuation. The course assumes some exposure to financial accounting, but the course is aimed at non-accountant managers, lenders, and investors who use financial statement data to evaluate businesses. The case method is the primary learning approach. Students will have an opportunity to work with financial statements from publicly traded corporations, small businesses, start-up businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Prerequisite: BADM728.

BADM 752 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship – 3 Credit Hours
This course will delve into non-traditional issues entrepreneurs face when starting and running a business. Such issues include, environmental turbulence, industry recipes, dynamic capabilities, and understanding how to use real life situations as a competitive advantage for the internal and external environments. Prerequisites: BADM 702 and BADM 703

BADM 754 Managing People, Cultures, and Opportunities – 3 Credit Hours
This course will build understanding of how human diversity integrates personal and organizational perspectives, research, and theories while discussing teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict, social networking, and other issues in the workplace, at school, and in the community. Prerequisites: None

BADM 754 Managing Diversity & Inclusion – 3 Credit Hours
This course will build understanding of diversity and cross cultural issues that occur in the workplace. Beliefs, values and other practices that impact communities, groups and individuals will be explored towards a goal of working with others from different backgrounds. Case studies will be utilized that relate to the workplace. Prerequisites: None

BADM 755 Digital Marketing – 3 Credit Hours
This course is designed to give students an overview of digital marketing techniques and provide a thorough understanding of the principles and practices associated with using media to promote a company’s goods and services, including search engine optimization, writing for the web, online analytics, blogging, mobile marketing, email marketing, video, social media and digital advertising. At the completion of this course, you will have acquired a solid awareness, understanding and first-hand experience in using various digital marketing tools. Prerequisites: BADM 702

BADM 756 - Financial Modeling - 3 Credit Hours
This course is a hands-on course in spreadsheet and financial modeling, primarily using Microsoft Excel, and covers various topics in financial management and investments. The emphasis will be on the practical application of financial theory. Prerequisite: BADM 703

BADM 757 - Personal Finance - 3 Credit Hours
This course will focus on the application of basic financial tools and principles to the student's personal life including the financial planning process, liquidity management, debt management, asset management, and risk management. This course will also include retirement, education and estate planning. Prerequisite: None

BADM 762 - Negotiation Strategies - 3 Credit Hours
This course emphasizes negotiation, the art and science of creating agreements between two or more parties, and introduces students to the effective use of power, persuasion, influence, and control in modern organizations. In this course students first apply theories developed as guides to improving negotiating strategies (the science) and, second, develop and sharpen negotiating skills through realistic cases (the application) with an emphasis on preparation, bidding, and distributive and integrative bargaining techniques. Prerequisites: None

BADM 764 - Entrepreneurship - 3 Credit Hours
This course is designed for students interested in creating a business venture, acquiring an existing business, working in industries that serve the entrepreneur, or who wish to become familiar with the concepts, issues, and techniques of new venture creation and entrepreneurship. Tools to be developed include recognition of a venture opportunity, acquisition of information on resources needed for venture creation and survival, development of competitive marketing strategies, and international opportunities. Prerequisites: BADM 702 and BADM 703

BADM 766 - Human Resource Development - 3 Credit Hours
This course examines Human Resource Development (HRD) as a field through the learning, development and behavior of humans in social systems. These systems include, but are not limited to, workforce, education, and family. Research from Management Science, Education, Psychology, and Sociology strengthen HRD theory and practice. The purpose of this course is to explore the integration of the individual into work organizations by examining work issues in learning, training, leadership, and psychosocial development. A primary focus of this course is on applied performance management informed by human sciences research as a tool that can be applied to productivity. Prerequisites: None. Cross listed LDRS 766

BADM 776 - International Marketing - 3 Credit Hours
This course examines detailed analysis of theories, issues, and decisions facing the global marketing manager. Emphasis is on small and large firms, innovative applications, workshops, and original research projects.  Prerequisite: BADM 702

BADM 784 - Business and Economic Forecasting - 3 Credit Hours
This course addresses the important function of strategic planning. Planning requires accurate forecasts of future sales, capacity, market size, prices, and a myriad of other variables that determine the long-run profitability of the firm. This course will help the student understand and create forecasts for the firm, industry, and the economy. Techniques include smoothing, time series analysis, and regression analysis. Prerequisite: BADM 703

BADM 792 - Financial Markets and Institutions - 3 Credit Hours
This course provides an overview of the key financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, government entities etc.) and markets (stocks, bonds and foreign exchange among others). We are also going to discuss the wide array of financial instruments that are available to businesses and individuals. Particular attention will be paid on risk management and how the various markets and institutions interact with each other. The study of financial markets and institutions will help your understanding of many exciting issues such as the recent financial crises in the United States and around the world. Activities that take place in financial markets have a direct effect on personal wealth, the behavior of consumers and businesses and the well-being on the overall economy. Prerequisite: BADM703

BADM 795 - Independent Study - 3 Credit Hours
This is an advanced course that may be taken by graduate students desiring to engage in a research/scholarly project of mutual interest to the student and the faculty member who directs the study. The course is intended to be rigorous. The course structure, evaluation process, and expected outcomes should be clearly delineated by the instructor in advance. Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing and permission of the instructor, the Dean of the School of Business and the Dean of The Citadel Graduate College. The student and faculty instructor must complete the Independent Study Approval Form.



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