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M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary STEM Education

The STEM Center presents the Master of Education in Interdisciplinary STEM Education, a new online degree program designed for current educators.


Director, STEM Center of Excellence

The Citadel
171 Moultrie Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29409-6300

Phone: 843-953-7121 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Program

The new Master of Education in Interdisciplinary STEM Education is designed for current educators who seek to advance their skillset in the STEM disciplines. The goal of the program is to create 21st century STEM educators and leaders by facilitating a broader understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of STEM, a deeper knowledge of discipline-specific content, and new integrative approaches for the teaching and learning of STEM content.

The coursework has been designed to inspire a passion in teachers for STEM and equip them with the tools necessary to teach STEM content in an engaging way with career and industry applications. The MEd in Interdisciplinary STEM Education does not lead to certification, but is instead designed to improve teacher effectiveness in STEM education. A graduate successfully completing this degree program will be adept at creating relevant projects for use in their classrooms and utilizing project-based instruction to more effectively engage their students in the STEM disciplines.

Click here for the STEM MEd brochure.

Application Procedures and Admissions Requirements

To submit an application for the MEd in Interdisciplinary STEM Education, please go to the following link:


Currently applications are being taken on a rolling basis.

The following is required for admission:

  1. An official transcript of the baccalaureate degree and all other undergraduate and graduate work directly from an accredited college or university. Minimum requirements for consideration include an overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.5.
  2. A bachelor’s degree demonstrating appropriate preparation in STEM.
  3. A current (within five years of application) Graduate Record (GRE) score of at least 291. The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) can be substituted for GRE scores. A minimum score of 396 on the MAT is required.
  4. Complete an application form online and submit appropriate non-refundable application fee to: The Citadel Graduate College (CGC), Bond Hall Room 101.

Program Requirements

The 34-credit hour MEd in Interdisciplinary STEM Education is organized into two areas – core and electives. The coursework will consist of nineteen (19) hours of core coursework and fifteen (15) hours of electives. Students will work with academic advisors to individualize the program based on their prior preparation and areas of interest. The curriculum is targeted for working professionals with coursework delivered online in asynchronous format, allowing students to progress through the program at their own pace.

Core Courses

Students must complete 7 core courses:

  • EDUC 543 - Teaching, Learning and Assessing with Technology
  • EDUC 544 - Project Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Teaching
  • EDUC 545 - Developing STEM Disciplinary Literacy Skills
  • EDUC 546 - Leadership and Critical Issues in STEM Education
  • EDUC 547 - Research and Statistics for STEM Applications
  • EDUC 670 - Foundations in STEM I
  • EDUC 680 - Foundations in STEM II

Elective Courses

Students will select 5 elective courses, chosen from the following list:

  • BIO 540 - Biotechnology for STEM Educators
  • CHEM 520 - The Chemistry of Art
  • CHEM 521 - Forensic Science
  • CHEM 522 - Nanotechnology for STEM Educators
  • CSCI 555 - STEM Education Through Robotics
  • CSCI 663 - Programming for STEM Educators
  • EDUC 548 - Multidisciplinary Experimental Design and Implementation
  • MATH 618 - Mathematical Technology Resources for STEM Education
  • PHYS 510 - Engineering Applications in STEM

Although the program is designed for current educators, teaching certification is not required to be admitted to the program as other STEM professionals may complete the degree to better prepare themselves for roles in places such as informal education centers.