The Military College of South Carolina
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Pass Through The Ring

Company commanders will have their company seniors assembled in Deas Hall twenty minutes before their scheduled walk-through time and report to Mrs. Milner for instructions and accountability.  From Deas Hall, Mrs. Milner will direct you to move in line across Grier Avenue to the back door of MFH.  Once in MFH, you will report to the card/rose table and check in with the people manning that station.  At that time, you will verify the information on your card and give your rose to your guest.  As you move up in line, you will come to SFC Rich at the podium.  Give him your card.  You will not need to talk to the reader unless he or she asks you to clarify the pronunciation of your name.  SFC Rich will direct you to a cadet usher who will tell you when it is time to go through the ring.

As you approach the ring:

  • Male cadets:  If you are escorting a female, she should be on your right.  If you are escorting two females, one should be on each side with the more senior on your right.
  • Female cadets:  If you have a male escort, he should be on your left.  If you have two male escorts, one should be on each side with the more senior on the right. 

Gentlemen will offer their arm to ladies, and on the usher’s signal you will move to the ring.  When you step in to the ring, stop, look to your right, and smile for your photograph.

After your photograph has been taken, move directly through the arch.  Do not stop or slow down to bang breastplates or perform other acts of self-aggrandizement while moving through the arch.  Upon exiting the arch, turn right and shake hands with the President and other dignitaries.   The replica of the ring will be available after the event for those that want to take additional pictures.

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