The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina

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Pass Through The Ring

Covers (leave in car), gloves, purses, or more than two guest participants. Please ask your other guests to enter the field house and remain there until you have gone through the ring. You can only go through the ring one time with your company. The photographer will be available at the end of the ceremony for additional pictures within the ring.

Enter (cadet and guest(s) participating) McAlister Field House and go to the back and proceed to card/rose table.

verify information. All other non-participating family/guests should stay in the McAlister Field House and be seated.

Pick up one rose for each guest if you ordered them. See Mrs. Ward, Rm. 210, Mark Clark Hall, to order roses (an email will be sent to you giving more information about ordering roses).

Go to the podium and give your card to cadet helper. Assist with any difficult names, etc. DO NOT TALK WITH THE READER! Please see Mrs. Ward, Cadet Activities, Mark Clark Hall, Room 210 before day of event to make changes on the card, if you need to do so.

Move up to the Cadet Activities aide and wait for his/her signal to move into the ring.

Male cadets: Make sure the lady is on your right. If two ladies, one on each side with the more senior on your right. Female cadets: Male escort should be to your left. If two gentlemen, one on each side with the more senior on the right.

When given the signal, move into the ring with your guests. If escorting a lady (ladies), offer your arm(s). Do not wait to hear your name; the announcer reads as you stand in the ring. Give guest(s) rose before entering the ring.

Step into the ring and stop; Look up and smile at the camera. You will be given verbal instructions from the photographer via a speaker in flowers.

Once you see the photo flash and the photographer tells you to, please move out of the ring quickly. As you proceed down the center aisle and through the sword arch, another picture will be taken. Do not stop in the aisle, keep walking; if you do stop you may miss having the second picture taken.

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