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Program Overview

The Citadel’s flexible MBA program offers the singular advantage of a business education, one of the world’s greatest institutions and a college renowned for critical thinking, innovation, and leadership. Students can take courses in the evenings, without interruption to their careers or excessive disruption to their personal or family lives. The flexible MBA is designed to be completed in one year or up to six years. With your needs in mind, the working professional, we work with you to find the best pathway so that you can obtain your MBA.

MBA students are required to complete 36 hours of graduate study, including nine required courses and three elective courses. A maximum of two courses (6 hours) may be transferred in from an approved MBA program at another institution. A maximum of six credit hours for graduate courses from a regionally accredited institution (including consortia and AACSB International-accredited institutions) may be approved for transfer (except BADM-740), provided: (1) those courses are determined to be equivalent to one of the advanced or elective courses at The Citadel, (2) grades of “B” or better were received in the courses being considered, and (3) credit was earned within the five years prior to admission into The Citadel MBA program.

Students who do not hold an undergraduate degree in business will be required to take an additional 18 hours (6 courses) of foundation courses. The six foundation courses are listed in the link below. Students are expected to complete all degree requirements within a six-year period from the time of registration in their first graduate course.

Foundation Courses

MBA Requirements

Course Load:
A student typically takes no more than two courses per semester and no more than one in each summer session. Any student planning to take more than two courses in the fall or spring or more than one course in a single summer session must secure advance permission to do so from the MBA Program Director.

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