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We are located at 573 Huger Street Charleston, SC - #53 on The Citadel's virtual map

The Career Center is an integral part of student life. We will support you through the recruiting process to help you more effectively #hireCitadel! Posting jobs, sharing internships and attending career fairs are all a great start to the process. Engaging in other campus initiatives also helps students recognize your organization as an option for their future. Develop an effective recruiting strategy and research some other areas of opportunity: 

  • Is your brand recognizable? It is difficult to attract talent if they have not heard of you. Develop a marketing plan.    
  • Are you involved on campus? Do you have knowledge or expertise? Can you serve on an advisory board, be a mentor, or engage in a service opportunity?  Could your organization offer financial support for scholarships or clubs? Building relationships impacts recruiting outcomes.
  • Are you leveraging alumni as sources for referrals? The Linkedin Alumni Tool is effective. 
  • Engage early and often. Recruiting on college campuses starts early in the academic year; start your recruiting when the college does. 
  • Pick the colleges and universities that produce the right hires for you and continue to build a relationship with them.
  • Send the right people to campus. Would you approach a career fair booth if the staff looked bored or be impressed by a representative who told you to check the website to get answers? Use campus visits as an opportunity to engage. 
  • Communicate with students about your process. Students need to know your hiring process. Keep them apprised of what’s happening, what they can expect, and when they can expect it. 


SET UP YOUR HANDSHAKE ACCOUNT!  Handshake helps us help you. This tool allows you to post jobs and internships and gives you access to campus recruiting events like career fairs and information sessions. To set up an account:  

  1. Visit / look for "No account? Sign up here" 
  2. Select “Employer” / follow prompts
  3. Use your company's work domain / email (ex: Email and provide us with more information on your organization if you do not have a corporate domain.   
  4. Click "sign up"  / A staff member will approve your account. Now you are free to post jobs, internships and register for campus events! 

POSTING TIP - Salaries are not required, but including one in a competitive range increases applicants.

CLICK HERE TO REVIEW OUR POSTING POLICIES. Opportunites which are typically declined are:    

  • Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing - Also known as single-tier, affiliate, pyramid selling, and referral marketing. 
  • Household Positions - For student safety, we do not approve positions from individuals like personal care, house cleaning, nannies, tutors, yard care & pet care. You are welcome to email with leads.  
  • Third Party Postings / Employment Agencies - Positions not posted by the "employer of record" are declined unless the agency is recruiting for internal positions. 
  • Commission only positions with prospecting focused on students' personal networks during the interview process.

EMAIL LEADS - Job and internship leads shared through email are difficult to share effectively, despite our best efforts. Recruiting through Handshake gives us all more control to target and share with the appropriate parties. However, if you are not the hiring agent, we do accept email leads sent to We update our lead sheet and share during individual appointments as we are able.  


Career Fairs

We offer many special events throughout the academic year which are intended to provide a personal touch for employers and students. Career fairs offer students a unique opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of employment trends and specific job openings. Students of all academic levels are invited and encouraged to attend our events. We encourage and invite employers to campus who are willing to engage with all level and years. 

Registration is by invitation only.  

  • All Majors Spring Career & Internship Fair - Wednesday, February 26, 2020, Buyer Auditorium, 1:00 - 4:00
  • German American Business Summit, hosted in conjunction with College of Charleston - Wednesday, February 5, 2020, Gaillard Center, 11:30 - 1:30  

Classroom Visits & Guest Speakers

Classroom speakers are scheduled by faculty members. The Career Center will be happy to make recommendations, but you may contact the departments directly. Classroom speakers are typically chosen for content knowledge of a particular area or profession, not for recruiting purposes. Faculty typically develop syllabi a semester in advance. It is recommended you reach out several weeks to several months in advance if you are interested in making this work successfully. 

Mock Interviews

Mock Interview Day - Tuesday, October 29, 2019 from 2:00 - 5:00. This event allows employers to provide students with mock interview experience. If you are interested in participating, reach out to Tyler Till, Employer Relations Manager. 

Information Sessions

The Citadel's Cadet 24/7 Training Schedule makes information sessions challenging. Recruiters who have not taken time to market on campus may find the student turnout small. The Career Center requires up to 2 weeks advance notice to advertise Information Sessions, which are done through Handshake. Contact for more information. Information sessions are not scheduled on Fridays due to our parade schedule. 

Leadership Day & Symposium 

Leadership DayThis one-day event, Wednesday, October 23, 2019, provides a potential recruiting opportunitiy for employers to see our cadets' leadership skills in action. You will be able to engage individually with cadets and to serve and learn by their side at one of our community partners. Info linked here. Contact Ted Fienning, Krause Center Associate Director, for more information - 

LDRS 411 - This is a day of professional development/Capstone course for current seniors. Employer partnerships are established by early spring for the following fall (availablity now for fall 2020). Students are hosted at employer sites or on campus for a day of leadership, learning and professional development. Contact Ted Fienning for more information -

Leadership Symposium - This event, held every spring, is an excellent opportunity to invite corporate partners to see what we’re all about.  Invites for Spring 2020 are still available!  Info linked here.

Service Learning 

Give Pulse - Our service learning platform is for marketing, registration and tracking of service learning iniatitives. This resource can connect employers to cadet-led service opportunities (or corporate team building service opportunities) that do not fall on Leadership Day.  Info linked here. Contact Christina Arnold for more information -


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