The Military College of South Carolina
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Major in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology emphasizes integrating and applying scientific methodology to the study of human behavior. Students develop an approach to learning that combines empirical, objective methodology, statistical techniques, and theoretical analysis of human behavior. Graduates are expected to have the knowledge and data analysis skills that would support graduate study in any of the specialty areas of psychology. They will be well prepared for employment in positions requiring the understanding and motivation of others. Examples of such employment include positions in personnel work, social services, and mental health agencies, law enforcement, and sales.

The Major in Psychology consists of 41 credit hours of course work in psychology (see the proposed curriculm below). To obtain a departmental recommendation for graduate study, the student should also take PSYC 420 (Research Project).

Proposed Curriculum





Freshman Fall PSYC 201 General Psychology
Spring PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology
Sophomore Fall PSYC 203 Research Design in Psychology
Spring PSYC 301 Experimental Psychology
Junior Fall PSYC 302

Physiological Psychology

PSYC 306 Theories of Personality
Spring PSYC 304 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 305 Social Psychology
Senior Fall PSYC 403 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 407 Psychological Testing
Spring PSYC 405 History & Systems of Psychology
PSYC 410 Advanced Psychological Study
PSYC 402 Cognitive Psychology
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