Information And Actions Being Taken Related To COVID-19
The Military College of South Carolina
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Continuity of Instruction

The Citadel is committed to the Continuity of Instruction in the event of an emergency disruption that may result in the suspension of all activities and classes on campus. The Continuity ofcitadel continuity of instruction plan 4.27.2020 600x776 Instruction Plan (COIP) is the continuation of education in the event of a prolonged campus closure. This plan promotes the continuation of teaching and learning despite circumstances that interrupt face-to-face classes on campus, as well as the ability for professors to provide online instruction.

For assistance with the LMS and Instructional Support for teaching online, contact the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching, Learning and Distance Education (CEITL & DE).


Preparedness is the key when coping with a disaster and/or emergency that, by nature, is unpredictable. To ensure academic continuity, we recommend that faculty and staff perform the following preparedness activities recommended in The Citadel Continuity of Instruction Plan (COIP).

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Delivering Instruction Online

When classroom instruction is interrupted due to a disaster or an emergency, you will need to use alternative methods and tools to continue class activities at a distance. Your class activities may vary depending on the subject you are teaching and the kinds of teaching methods you use.  Class activities that you will need to continue include communicating with students, delivering course content, encouraging student participation, administering assignments and tests, and provding feedback and grades.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has created a collection of free resources for moving online. We highly encourage you to read the entire collection located at Moving Online Now.


To preserve Continuity of Instruction, we require that you use The Citadel's approved LMS, Canvas.  All courses have a corresponding online course shell automatically generated by Banner. Access your page through Lesesne Gateway or at

Click here to access resources and helpful links on how to use Canvas.

The following are features within Canvas used to deliver course content:

Announcements. To communicate with the entire class within the LMS, add an Announcement. A copy of the announcement will also be sent to your students’ Citadel email accounts.

Email through the LMS. To communicate with just a few students or an individual student, you can send a message via the Inbox feature. Messages are sent to each recipient's Citadel email account.

Discussion Boards. You may create Discussion Boards by topic or date.  You can also post discussion questions about course readings, lectures, etc.

Virtual Conferencing. Zoom is a collaboration tool that can be used to conduct virtual, synchronous class sessions. Click here to access resources and helpful links on how to log into your Citadel Zoom account.  

Creating Course Content. If you have your lecture materials recorded, you can upload them to your LMS course shell remotely. If you do not have lectures prerecorded, you are encouraged to use the applications that you are most comfortable with to create recorded lectures or screencasts. Some options may include, but are not limited to: Studio within Canvas, Screencast-o-matic and Voice-over PowerPoint.

Administering Assignments, Tests and Grades. You can administer assignments, tests and assign grades within Canvas. 


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