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Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year. Are you looking for contact information for a Citadel Varsity Sports?
If so, please visit Citadel Athletics.
Find contacts for club sports, intramurals and Deas Hall below.

Status "Go" means the team is approved for the 2020-2021 school year.
Status "Reset" means team captains have started the Request for Charter process.
Status "Gone Dark" means there has been no contact from team captains, but it is likely that team leadership is working toward a renewal of Request for Charter.
Status "Sortie" means that this leadership group is working to introduce (or re-introduce) the sport to the Citadel as a Club Sport.
Status "No Go" means the team is not approved for the 2020 - 2021.
If you do not see a team listed that you think should be, visit Team Briefing for information on the organization and administration of Citadel Club Sports.

Club Sports

Navigation hint: if available, team-specific pages or pertinent websites are available by clicking on the Team Name.

Women's Backpacking

Status: Gone Dark

Team Captain, TBA

Henry Bouton, Advisor, 843-953-7946


Status: Gone Dark


Status: No Go

Extramural Intramurals (Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball)

Status: Gone Dark

Team Captain, TBA

Henry Bouton, Advisor, 843-953-7946

Men's Golf

Status: Reset

Gaines Yates, Team Captain

Lt Orlando Garcia, Advisor


Status: Reset

William Barnes, Team Captain

Robert Jeter, Manager, 803-397-3484

David Cosgrove, Coach, 908-413-0357

Dr. Dimitra Michalaka, Faculty Advisor

Ice Hockey

Status: Gone Dark

Andrew Jones, Team Captain, 843-412-6802

Ben Klassen, Team Captain, 239-450-1069

Skyler Rossbach, Team Captain, 216-973-4607

Coach Courtenay, Head Coach

Maj Ryan Bauman, Advisor

Judo Jiu-jitsu

Status: Gone Dark

Matthew Devine, Team Captain, 240-559-7743

Lillian Layden, Team Captain, 610-733-0777

Dr. Lisa Capriotti, Advisor


Status: Gone Dark

Ethan Eich, Team Captain, 864-283-1404

Ray Fortner, Team Captain, 832-693-3730

Hunter Franklin, Team Captain, 703-283-7214

Advisor, TBA

Richard Braxton, Coach

Blake McAfee, Coach


Status: Reset

James Jeffcoat, Team Captain, 803-497-0849

Steven Jones, Team Captain, 864-540-5532

Robert Patton, Advisor and Head Coach, 843-556-4390

Gino Celia, Assistant Coach

Lee Gessner, Assistant Coach

Joel Sexton, M.D.Joel Sexton, M.D., Consulting Coach, 803-924-7187

Men's Rugby

Status: Gone Dark

Braxton McDuffie, Team Captain, 803-800-5512

LTC Bill Bell, Advisor and Head Coach, 843-475-0593

Women's Rugby

Status: Gone Dark

Team Captain, TBA

Dr, Kate Pilhuj, Faculty Advisor, 305-389-2304

Amy George, Head Coach, 843-364-7820


Status: Gone Dark

Terry Hawkins, Team Captain, 864-940-3678

Hunter Moore, Team Captain, 843-860-6954

Michael Scheuer, Team Captain

Robert Turner, Team Captain, 843-813-4494

Dr. John Peeples, Advisor

Coach, TBD


Status: Gone Dark

Team Captain, TBA

LTC James Sharp, Staff Advisor

Greg Craft, Coach, 843-222-7562


Status: Gone Dark

Thomas Azrelyant, Team Captain

Kaleigh Nolen, Team Captain, 404-803-8286

Advisor, TBD

Kerry Morrissey, Coach


Status: Reset

Joseph Murphy, Team Captain

LTC Brace, Advisor

Ultimate Frisbee

Status: Gone Dark

Patrick Camatcho, Team Captain, 704-577-4755

Christian Najjar, Team Captain

Adebowale Oladimeji, Team Captain, 843-312-3279

Johnny Walker, Team Captain

Erin Leonard, Staff Advisor

Coed Volleyball

Status: Gone Dark

ICRA Staff

Henry Bouton, Director of Intramurals, 843-953-7946
Graduate Assistant for Intramurals, 843-953-7779
Mary Ellen Huddleston, Director Club Sports, 843-953-7778
Eddy Kunkle, Facility Manager Deas Hall, 843-953-7496
Deas Hall Equipment Room, 843-953-7779

Please email Mary Ellen Huddleston to update contact information.

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