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Coaches and Volunteers

Members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets depend on volunteer instructors, coaches and team assistants in the Extramural and Club Sport programs. The college is delighted to welcome these volunteers. However, before you join the team, please be familiar with our coach and volunteer policies.

  • Recognize and support the mission of educating and developing principled leaders in all walks of life. Coaches, instructors and team assistants should focus on providing instruction and serving as models of principled leadership. Club Sports are first and foremost student organizations. Team captains and participants deserve the opportunity to coordinate team activities, with advice from you, but also with permission and encouragement to make decisions on their own.
  • Review and follow all policies and procedures of The Citadel, including the college policy on hazing, guidelines for conduct as outlined in The White Book, Chapter 4: Cadet Organizations, Activities, Club Sports and Religious Activities, the Commandant's Disciplinary Restrictions for Club and Club Sport Special Orders, and the Procurement Department's Policies and Regulations governing purchases.
  • Review and support Player Packet requirements for all Extramural and Club Sport participants.
  • Help ensure that the Code of Conduct is adhered to at all times, including during practices, competitions, travel, and other club functions.
  • Support the standard that routine team business be handled by team captains and participants (i.e., field preparation, submitting forms, meetings).
  • Know that participation in Extramurals and Club Sports is completely voluntary. Therefore, monetary awards or other forms of compensation may not be promised or given to any participant or prospective participant.
  • Recognize that coaches, instructors and team assistants must be recommended by the Extramural activity or Club Sport. Extramurals and Club Sports are housed in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science and all participants, including coaches, instructors and team assistants, are supervised by the Head of the Department or his designee.
  • Accept that coaches, instructors and team assistants may not use The Citadel equipment for private off-campus activities. Coaches, instructors and team assistants may not use The Citadel facilities for private activities unless there is a contractual agreement with the appropriate college entity (e.g., Varsity Athletics).
  • Refrain from committing college, team and participant resources to activities that are outside of the team's stated purpose in its constitution and bylaws.
  • Consider purchasing personal medical and liability insurance.
  • Update the Coaching Packet at the start of each academic year.
Please complete and/or update each of the seven (7) forms. 

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