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Parent Perspective

Dear Parents,

Congratulations on your student's decision to attend the most prestigious military academy in the Southeast. To ensure a successful transition to The Citadel, we invite you to consider The Citadel Success Institute. CSI is open to Citadel students in the incoming class of 2020 who have been academically accepted and medically cleared.

For some of you this may be the first time you are sending a child off to college and even if it is not, the transition for your child from high school to The Citadel is different in many ways than the typical transition to college. There are many questions you will have and our hope is to provide information and resources that will help parents and students with the transition. On the right of this page you can click on the quotes to view different testimonials from parents of past CSI students.

If you have not visited the Parent's page on the Citadel website, we encourage you to do so as it provides important information that may help answer some of your questions.

In addition to the Parents page there is a helpful facebook group some parents of alumni have set up that provides a great support network, however please keep in mind it is not officially run by The Citadel or the CSI Program/office. Dorrie Griggs is the Administrator of the facebook group and if you would like to be added, please message her directly.

Message from Dorie Griggs, "The intent of the groups for new parents is to help provide advice on how to prepare for matriculation day then to give information on the big weekends and furlough information. Most of what I post there is also available on the blog site I maintain. The parents seem to like to be able to connect with each other for ride share info, etc. My blog address is:"



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