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Are there sports that are not likely to be sponsored as a Citadel Club Sport?
Intramurals, Club and Recreational Athletics (ICRA), under the authority of the Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP), does not sponsor:

  • Sports for which the Citadel has a varsity program. Please see Citadel Athletics for a list of these sports.
  • Hunting or fishing clubs. Speak with the Campus Club Coordinator for information on these clubs.
  • Motorsports.
  • Additional marksmanship sports. See Citadel Athletics for Rifle, or Club Sport for Pistol.
  • Sports in which a goal is to strike an opponent's head.
  • Sports in which a goal is to cause injury to an opponent. Speak with ROTC departments and affliated clubs for information on combative instruction and training.
  • Extreme sports without a college-wide review of risks.

What club sports do you offer?
Although the ICRA staff works with team leadership to create and execute a plan for a successful club sport season, the Citadel does not set up club sports. This program provides opportunity for students to create and lead their teams. See Team Briefing for more information on the organization and administration of the club sport program. See our Directory for club sport contacts. 

Does it cost anything to join a club sport?
Membership in a club sport is not covered by tuition or fees. Club sports operate on lean budgets. Spending priorities are conference affliation and liability insurance (if required), team equipment, home game fees, away game fees (e.g., travel) and personal player equipment. Most club sports assess member dues and all have out-of-pocket costs. In 2017 - 2018, dues ranged from $100 to $1800.

Do I have to try out?
Maybe. Membership requirements are specified in each club's bylaws. Check with team leadership to see if you will have to try out.

Will I get to travel?
Maybe. Many club sports do have opportunity to compete on the road. However cadet travel is limited because of obligations to the Corps of Cadets. Academic success takes precedence over all extracurricular activities, and cadets often have other commitments to the corps. All cadet travel must be pre-approved; requests for club sports are submitted to The Commandant through the Director of Club Sports.

Will I have a coach?
Maybe. A non-student advisor is required for all club sports. In many cases there are also coaches and other volunteers working with the teams. Because these adults are volunteers, players are expected to actively participate in coaching and team management.

I'm not a cadet; can I join a club sport?
Maybe. You must have an affiliation with the Citadel (student, faculty or staff) to join a club sport. Membership requirements are specified in each club's bylaws. Check with team contacts to see if you are eligible to play.

How do I join?
Contact a team captain. Pay club dues. You can pay dues in the Club Sport Office, Deas Hall 202. Complete a Player Packet. This paperwork, too, should be turned-in to the Club Sport Office. • 843-953-7955

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