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The club sports program offers limited extramural competition in sports not governed by the Southern Conference. Club Sports are administered within the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science and comply with College Regulations as outlined in Memorandum 4-1 (15 July 2010).

Are there sports that are not likely to be sponsored as a Citadel Club Sport?
Yes. While Intramurals, Club and Recreational Athletics (ICRA) is committed to improving cadet quality of life, it must accomplish this goal safely, while keeping the educational mission of the college in the forefront and within limits of available resources. For example, ICRA does not sponsor a sport that is already being sponsored by varsity athletics, we sponsor only one sport within a category of sports (Pistol-Marksmanship, Judo-Jujitsu-Martial Arts), and ICRA is not eager to sponsor another field sport because of limitations of present facilities.

Does it cost anything to join a club sport?

It's not free. Club sports operate on lean budgets. Spending priorities are conference affliation and liability insurance (if required), team equipment, home game fees, away game fees (e.g., travel) and personal player equipment. All Citadel Club Sports are required to assess member dues. In 2014 -2015, dues ranged from $100 to $1000.

Will I get to travel?
Maybe. Many club sports do have opportunity to compete on the road. However cadet travel is limited because of obligations to the Corps of Cadets. Academic success takes precedence over all extracurricular activities, and cadets often have other commitments to the corps. All cadet travel must be pre-approved; requests for club sports are submitted to The Commandant through the Director of Club Sports.

Will I have a coach?
Yes. A non-student advisor is required for all club sports. In most cases this advisor is also the head coach who is knowledgeable about the sport. These coaches are volunteers so players are expected to actively participate in coaching and team management.

I'm not a cadet; can I join a club sport?
Maybe. You must have an affiliation with the Citadel (student, faculty or staff) to join a club sport. Membership requirements are specified in each club's bylaws. Check with team contacts to see if you are eligible to play.

How do I join?

Contact a team captain or coach. Pay club dues. You can pay dues in the Club Sport Office, Deas Hall 202. Complete a Player Packet. This paperwork, too, should be turned-in to the Club Sport Office.

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