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Men's Rugby

Club Sport Links

Player Packet - before you may practice or compete, you must have a current and complete Player Packet on file in the Office of Club Sports, Deas Hall 201/202, and have paid your dues.
Club Sport Travel - for event itineraries and budget information
Citadel Club Sport Events Calendar
Team Briefing - information on the organization and administration of Citadel Club Sports
ICRA Directory

Rugby Links

Facebook for Citadel Men's Rugby
Pay for Member Dues - for help making transaction
Southern Conference for Rugby

Due Dates and Deadlines

28 August 2017 - current Player Packet for travel squad due.
1 September 2017 - $120 for fall semester or $200 for the year is due for travel squad.
4 September 2017 - Player Packet for all other players must be completed and returned to Deas Hall 201/202.
8 September 2017 - Deadline for all other players to pay annual dues. See Club Sport Travel for budget information.

2017 - 2018 Equipment List

All players must have equipment described below by the first day of practice. Freshmen may bring equipment when they report; however, it must be stored in the Citadel Warehouse until classes begin. Freshmen should contact a member of Team Leadership for more information on bringing and keeping equipment in their rooms.

Practice Shorts & Shirt

Players may practice in Citadel-issued PT shorts and shirt. Rugby-style shorts are also acceptable; color should be Navy blue or black.


Your mouthpiece must be visible and cover all upper-jaw teeth. See USA Rugby Protective Equipment and Guidelines for details.

Other Personal Equipment

Refer to World Rugby Player Welfare for other approved equipment.


Select and bring cleats that match your preference. See USA Rugby Protective Equipment and Guidelines for details.

Match Jersey, Shorts and Socks

Citadel Rugby will provide match jerseys. After a current and complete Player Packet is on file in the Club Sport Office, and all required member dues are paid, players may request one pair of Rugby shorts and socks. These shorts and socks will be distributed on Fridays in the Deas Hall Equipment Room (1st floor).

Players must provide all other clothing. If you prefer under-jerseys, compression shorts, and/or sweat pants, they must be a solid white, gray, Navy blue or Citadel blue.

Citadel Rugby Jacket

A Citadel Rugby Jacket is available for purchase from Cambria Sports in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.


Coaching staff has authority to suspend a player until his equipment meets USA Rugby standards.

Players may not place orders for goods or services on behalf of The Citadel. Cadets must abide by guidelines for Selling in the Barracks as described in The Blue Book, Chapter 2: Cadet Life. Any attempt to bind the college, or teammates, coaches or advisors to a financial obligation may be subject to legal and disciplinary action.

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