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Direct Deposit of Refunds

A student may choose to set up a direct deposit link to his or her checking account. This is helpful in cases in which a student regularly receives a refund of financial aid or receives other refunds, such as those resulting from overpayment. A common cause of overpayment is dropping classes and/or labs after tuition has been paid.

Once direct deposit is set up, all refunds will be directed to the student's checking account. With this option, students will receive refunds 24-48 hours after the refund is generated. For students who don’t participate in direct deposit, the Treasuer's office will mail a check to their home address.

To set up direct deposit, follow these steps:


2. Click on the Menu dropdown in the upper left corner, select the Student tab

3. Scroll down to the Manage Money & Make Payments box, select “Click to pay your tuition and review billing information”.

4. You will be redirected to Banner9 page. Click on I agree.

5. You will then be redirected to Select the Refunds tab

6. On the Refunds page, select Enroll in Two-Step Verification. Follow the instructions to verify your account by either phone or email. Once your Two-Step Verification is complete, select the Refunds tab again.

7. On the Refunds page, select Set up a new account, located under the Direct Deposit box. 8. Follow the steps to enter your bank account info,using the information found on the lower left portion of your printed check or deposit slip. Once this is complete, any future refunds you receive will be direct deposited to your bank account. 

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