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The Military College of South Carolina
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Faculty and Staff

Name Phone Office

Adelman, Saul, Ph.D.
Professor, Emeritus
Stellar Astronomy

(843) 953-6943

240 Grimsley

Agrest, Mikhail, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mathematics
Membrane Science

(843) 953-1359

244 Grimsley

Berlinghieri, Joel, Ph.D.
Professor and College Marshal
Laser Optics and Fluid Mechanics

(843) 953-6942

242 Grimsley

Bradham, John, Ph.D.
Laboratory Manager
Adjunct Professor


(843) 953-6949

201 Grimsley

Briggs, Pat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Space Physics

(843) 953-6948

218 Grimsley

Dr. John Lining Professor of Physics and 
Director of the Lt Col James B. Near Jr. ’77 Center for Climate Studies
 (843) 953-6781  214 Grimsley

Gomez, Javier, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Quantum Computing

(843) 953-3199

224 Grimsley

Hurka, Rene, M.S.
Condensed Matter Physics

(843) 953-5495

216 Grimsley

Assistant Professor
photonics, microfluidics, nanoscale devices, STEM outreach
   Grimsley 218
Schumann, Aicko, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Complex Systems
(843) 953-7002  222 Grimsley 
Professor and Department Head Physics
 (843) 953-6953 Grimsley 202b
Elementary Particle Physics
 (843) 953-5475  246 Grimsley
Dean and Traubert Chair, Professor
Nanoscale Devices, Nanomaterials,
Microwave Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
 (843) 953-6682  212 Grimsley
Susan Wilcox
Administrative Assistant
(843) 953-5122 248 Grimsley




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