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Undergraduate History Major

Department of History offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in History and minors in African American Studies, Southern Studies, and International Relations, and collaborates on an East Asian Studies minor.

Students majoring in history, a degree with an emphasis on academic rigor and leadership development, are provided ample freedom in the selection of upper level history courses as well as 30 credit hours of general electives among courses offered by other departments.                                                                        
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      mayor riley hist371 sp 2019    
Mayor Riley in the field with his history class 


To get started, please read the brief Cadet course catalog sections below:

                  (includes descriptions of all standard courses)

**You should study both sections carefully and understand them well before meeting with an advisor or registering for courses. 

Click on the chart below for complete list of Spring 2020 History Courses offered: 

      Spring 2020 
                           spring 202 11.25a.19

               2019-20 Course Offerings             2019-20 Corps Catalog   

*HIST 395 is assessed a special lab supplies fee.

 dr.felice knight aug 2019

Additional resources, follow links: 

Image:  Dr. Felice Knight, a Charleston native who trained at The Ohio State University, was hired as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of African American History spring 2019, and she adds a wealth of energy and expertise to our curriculum. Welcome to our department Dr. Knight!


Review the Case for a Degree in Arts & Sciences by clicking on each infographic:

               arts sciences page onewhy arts.sciences degreefp2 2018


                                                                      Image:  South Carolina Historical Society Museum

According to an article published in INC. Magazine (Oct. 2018), it's not the STEM skills -- such as coding -- that today's students need to emphasize in order to be prepared for their upcoming careers. Now, students require the types of skills and abilities imparted and honed through the humanites and social sciences. Read Here


Of Humanities Disciplines, History Majors are #1 in earnings (click on image to enlarge)

earnings history degrees related humanities

Paul B. Sturtevant (Data source: American Academy of Arts and Sciences Humanities Indicators, table III-4a). Full Article -- History is Not a Usless Major: Fighting Myths with Data


Click to Enlarge "What Can You Do With A History Degree?"

 history careers 2020


Why History

uovfutah yhistory

(Youtube Video Credit -- University of Utah)


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