The Military College of South Carolina
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Account FAQ

What is my Login Information?

Lesesne Gateway

How Can I Reset my Account Passwords?

You can reset your Lesesne Gateway password here -

For all other accounts, please visit the ITS Help Center in Bond Hall, Room 253 or call us at 953-HELP to reset your account passwords.

How do you request a new faculty / staff email account?

You can request a new account by filling out the form located here (Account Request Form).

Why don't all usernames begin with first name or last name?

For various reasons, not all usernames are generated the same way. The format for username may begin with the first or last name or your initials followed by numbers. The username must be a unique identifier to ensure information for each person is secure.

Why do I need to know my Campus Wide ID or CWID?

Development is underway to integrate many ancillary systems with our new Enterprise Information System. The campus wide ID is a unique, numeric identifier that is being used by various systems to bridge your information from one system to another. Some systems require you to input your CWID (sometimes called 'see-wid') number. This number can be found on your Campus Wide ID Card.

I have to remember my passwords ... how can I manage this well?

Establish a strong password using the password guidelines recommended for Lesesne Gateway. It requires passwords to have strict parameters to help you select a safe password. If you modify your other passwords to match it, you'll have fewer to remember. Do not store passwords in places that are easy for others to find.

Always remember to logout completely and shut-down computers you use in public areas such as computer labs on campus before you leave the room to protect your personal information.

If you are leaving the vicinity of your computer while it is logged in at your desk, you can press the Windows key simultaneously with the letter "L" to quickly lock it temporarily; then enter your Citadel network/Lesesne Gateway credentials when you return to unlock it.

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