The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Paying Travel Expenses

Once you have your travel approval, decide how you want to pay. You have a choice of using your personal credit card or the college can pre-pay airfare, registrations and hotel accommodations. Reimbursement for meals and miscellaneous expenses occur when you return. Remember - you must obtain a Travel Authorization Number before any travel items can be paid for.

Here are a few money tips:

  • PREPAY airfare and registration by completing a Purchase Requisition (PR) or using the departmental Purchasing Card. Hotel expenses are to be paid by Purchase Requisition only.
  • EARLY REIMBURSEMENT: Use this to get reimbursed before your trip for airfare and registrations bought with your personal check or credit card. Complete a travel reimbursement document and attach receipts.
  • Travel ADVANCE: If 80% of your expected meal and lodging expense is over $250, you may get a travel advance. Advances will not be provided more than 15 days prior to travel. Use a travel reimbursement document to request an advance.
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