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El Cid Toastdawgs Toastmasters Club



El Cid Toastdawgs is The Citadel chapter of the premiere Toastmasters International organization.

All Citadel cadets are welcome to join.

By joining El Cid Toastdawgs, you will have the opportunity to receive recognition as a Competent Communicator and/or a Competent Leader by Toastmasters International.

In addition to helping improve communication skills and confidence, Toastmasters International is a resume builder that is widely recognized by recruiters. Listing Toastmasters on your resume will demonstrate your efforts to improve your skills and knowledge - a quality that is likely to be noticed by your recruiter or potential employer.

El Cid Toastdawgs meets on Fridays at noon in Bond 166. Lunch is provided. If you would like to attend a meeting, send an email to

We welcome you to come and check us out!


 El Cid Toastdawgs Officers - Spring 2017: Logan Barber, President; John Dekle and Charles Turner, Vice Presidents of Education; Braxton McDuffie, Vice President of Membership; Michael Rice, Vice President of Public Relations; Connor McCloskey, Vice President of Operations; Maxwell Miller and Marcus Milhouse, Sgt-at-Arms; Cynthia Martinez and Jaelyn neely, Secretaries; Alexandra Goldhorn, Outings Coordinator; Charles Turner and Elizabeth Spoehel, Volunteering Coordinators

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  Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 El Cid Toastdawgs Officers

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Officers for El Cid Toastdawgs for Fall 2016 (from left): Front Row: Connor McCloskey, Sgt-At-Arms; Cynthia Martinez, Secretary  Middle Row: Nicholas Mathwig, President; Max Miller, Secretary; Logan Barber, VP Membership  Back Row: Charles Turner, Asst. VP Education; John Dekle, VP Education; Alexandra Goldhorn, Outings Coordinator  Not Pictured: Cliff Joseph, Asst. Sgt-At-Arms; Michael Gerba, Volunteering Coordinator; Christopher Proveaux, VP Public Relations 

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 Presidents of El Cid Toastdawgs Logan Barber (Spring 2017) and Nicholas Mathwig (Fall 2016)

Toastmaster members can be elected to one of the following positions:

President: Sets the tone and direction for the club; encourages members to compete in higher level competitions; personally recognizes special guests and visitors; calls the meeting to order; conducts the business meeting; makes special announcements; works with advisers to keep the club in good standing with the international organization.

Vice President – Education: Schedules speakers and alternates for each meeting; sends out program announcements; works with president on special projects; reviews agenda with TMOD before the meeting starts; works with advisers to keep track of members.

Vice President – Public Relations: Works to promote El Cid Toastdawgs within the Corps; greets visitors; works with advisers to do news releases on the club.

Vice President – Membership: Makes a special effort to greet new members and encourage other cadets to join Toastmasters; works with advisers to get potential members more information about the club.

Vice President - Operations: Works with advisors to help coordinate set up for all meetings and Toastmasters events. 

Secretary: Maintains records of the meeting; circulates attendance sheet for members to sign; works with advisers to compile necessary records and reports for Toastmasters International.

Sergeant At Arms: Helps set up the meeting room, arranging any materials needed at the meeting and assists with getting lunches if needed; makes a point to welcome new people. Starts each weekly Toastmasters meeting.

Volunteering Coordinator: Coordinates all volunteer projects and service activities for the El Cid Toastdawgs.

Outings Coordinator: Organizes club outings to promote comradery among members.

Assistant Vice President- Education: Assists the Vice President-Education with all roles and responsibilities.

Assistant Sergeant At Arms: Assists the Sergeant At Arms with all roles and responsibilites.




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