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The Military College of South Carolina
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Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Recording and practicing presentations

  • Whether you are giving a speech at a conference or want to rehearse a presentation to a community group, the PSL can assist you with filming and a practice area.

Preparing supplemental video materials

  • Discuss material you could not cover in class or additional explanations of complex topics. The PSL can record your discussion and give you a link to upload to Blackboard.

Presenting guest lectures on public speaking

  • If your cadets need a refresher course on effective public speaking, someone from the PSL can visit your class and go over pointers for them to remember when speaking a group.

Recording routine procedures for viewing on the website

  • Are you a trainer? Do you need to make instructions available that others can review at their convenience? The PSL can record your presentation and upload it to the website so it will be accessible to answer questions as people start to use new systems or procedures.

Preparing students for external presentations

  • If your students make presentations to outside audiences, send them to the PSL for some practice and help with polishing their remarks.

Recording online classes

  • Our new Mediasite equipment gives the PSL the ability to record and upload online classes. You handle the content and the PSL can handle putting your presentations online.
  • If you are interested in online classes, we encourage you to come by the PSL and record some supplemental material for your classes soon so that you can get a sense of how Mediasite works.


Presentation or Speech Recording: Close Up


Presentation or Speech Recording: Wide Shot


Presentation Recording using Visual Aids


Instructional Video Recording

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