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Latin American/ Latino History

According to the 2010 Census, South Carolina has the second-fastest growing Latino population in the country.  Although this demographic shift is recent, Latinos can trace their history in South Carolina as far back as the Spanish settlement of Santa Elena in 1566.

The Citadel’s History Department offers courses and programs that help students, faculty, and staff gain a better understanding of Latino history and culture in South Carolina.  Our courses, including the History of the U.S./Mexico Borderlands, Colonial Latin America, and Military Coups & Dictatorships in Latin America, provide historical context for current political, economic, and cultural trends.  Our Oral History Program has collected oral histories from the local Ladod hist365tino community, archiving them in the Lowcountry Digital Library.  The History Department also co-sponsors the annual Day of the Dead Altar inside The Citadel’s Daniel Library, and is co-sponsoring the Southeastern Immigration Studies Association’s annual conference to be held virtually in February 2020.

Image (right): Cadets studying Latin American History assist Dr. Aguirre with preparing the Day of the Dead Altar at the Daniel Library.

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2020 Virtual Day of the Dead Celebration

Oct. 31st-Nov. 2nd

 Please click on the image below for a short presentation


If you would like to learn more about Dia De Los Muertos - A Celebration of Life - please visit Google Arts & Culture for a topical study 


The Citadel Family Honors Loved Ones Who Have Passed

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               dr karl boughan   
 Dr. Karl Boughan
(Kurt Boughan's Father)
Ph. D. Harvard 1972 (B1945, D December 26, 2017). Political science professor, analyst and consultant. Known professionally for award-winning statistical studies as a senior staff member of Prince George's County Community College, Largo, Maryland. Pioneer of push-polling and computer-aided targeting of political advertisements. Recovering alcoholic who found joy, comfort, and new life through the (aptly named) Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria, Virginia. Enthusiastic choir singer. Passionate fan of western classical music, public television, Virginia mountains, the Hittites, historical linguistics, and the spiciest dishes of every culture in the DC area.



 annie owens

Annie Owens
(Melanie Maddox's Step Mother)


 virgil maddox  

Virgil Maddox
      (Melanie Maddox's Grandfather)   


Reverend Doctor Darryl "Bud" E. Sparling 
(Christian Mérida-Sparling's Grandfather)
  • Feb 16, 1937 - Dec 3, 2016  
  • Favorite Color - Blue 
  • Favorite Activity – Writing / Reading 


Sylvia C. Cuéllar de Mérida 
(Christian Mérida-Sparling's Grandmother)
  • June 09, 1940 - March 22, 2016 
  • Activity – People watching 
  • Color - Blue


Cadet Chase Bailey's mother: Heather Bailey 
Born: November 8 1968 
Heather had two children- Sandy and Chase 


George and Barbara Jespersen
Isle of Palms, 2001 
 (Elise Wallace's Parents)

George was a radio man for the Navy in the Pacific during WWII, then worked with the US Government overseas.  

Barbara was born overseas and loved living in other countries of the world. They had four children and many grands.  



Jim Sharnas
(Cadet Samuel Sharnas's Grandfather)
  • Born: May 5, 1938 
  • Died: March 27, 2011 
  • Favorite Food: Steak 
  • Favorite Activity: Playing golf 


Ed Kincaid
(Cadet Samuel Sharnas's Great Uncle)
  • Born: November 18, 1941 
  • Died: August 21, 2020 
  • Favorite Activity: Farming 


Nanna Ensminger  
(Cadet Dylan Christmas's Great Grandparents)
  • Chicken and Dumplin 
  • Cooking 
  • Birth Oct 10, 1923 
  • Death Feb 28, 2017 


Paw Paw Ensminger
(Cadet Dylan Christmas's Great Grandparents)
  • Birth March 3 1922
  • Death December 30 2003
  • Fried Catfish
  • Duck Hunting and Farming      


Paw Paw Lynn Hubert
(Cadet Dylan Christmas's Great Grandfather)
  • Birth Nov 3, 1938 
  • Death Nov 28 2017 
  • Jambalaya  
  • Outdoors 


Raymond (Ray) Firkus
(Scott Curtis's Father-in-Law) 
  • Birth: 10/21/1948 
  • Death: 05/14/2020 
  • Veteran- proudly served his country in Vietnam.   
  • Favorite food: Brats 
  • Favorite activity: making things, fixing things or MacGyvering things.  He also loved to watch his Green Bay Packers! 
Arthur and Carol Knapp
(Keith Knapp's Parents)

Carol Nancy Knapp, 1/15/1936- 5/28/2020. Her favorite food was chicken salad. What she was fond of doing was gardening, reading, and collecting. 

Arthur George Knapp, Jr. 5/11/1928- 8/1/2020. His favorite food was stuffed peppers. His favorite thing to do was model railroading.



William Lawrence Kemp
(Cadet Noah Plunkett's Grandfather)  
  • Date of birth: 4-13-1939 
  • Date of death: 4-23-2020 
  • Favorite food: Steak 
  • Favorite activity: Deer hunting  



Walter Robert Bohm 
(Cadet Conchetta Bohm's Grandfather)
  • November 24, 1936- September 26, 2016 
  • He loved Golf and Steak


Concepcion del Valle Salazar 
(Cadet Conchetta Bohm's Great Grandmother) 
  • December 8, 1923- December 21, 2015 
  • She loved Reading and Soup

 Manuel Estrada

 Manuel Estrada 
(Cadet Sienna Gonzalez's Grandfather)
  • Birthdate: December 24, 1928
  • Day of Passing: May 13, 2014
  • Favorite Food: Cornbread and Iced Tea
  • Favorite Activity: Tea parties with Sienna and Salma 


Pauline Keelor (above and below)
(Kim Keelor's Grandmother)
Pauline is pictured with Kim's father (standing) and aunt Nancy Keelor, who also passed away.



Pauline Keeler died in 1949


Robert Hornor
(Cadet Caleb Guerry's Grandfather) 
  • Birth: December 12th, 1947
  • Death: July 25th, 2015 
  • Loved seafood and had hobbies of windsurfing, riding bikes and reading books


Chester Guerry 
(Cadet Caleb Guerry's Grandfather)
  • Birth: November 21, 1920 
  • Death: October 12th, 2016 
  • Liked to watch all USC gamecock sports. 
  • Favorite food was Key lime pie 


Cliff Labombard 
(Cadet Caleb Guerry's Grandfather)
  • Birth: September 17, 1928
  • Death: August 21st, 2020 
  • Favorite food was Spaghetti 
  • Hobbies of watching football, taking photography and piloting in his younger years


Jennifer Aguirre Limon 
(Nancy Aguirre's Cousin)

Jan. 29, 1991- May 30, 2015 

Janiyah Faith Limon 
(Nancy Aguirre's Cousin)

Jul. 11, 2011- May 30, 2015 

Jenni and "Yaya" loved to dance


Rafael Aguirre 
(Nancy Aguirre's Grandfather)

Dec. 21, 1921- Nov. 14, 2009 

He loved woodworking and spending time outdoors on his ranch



Maria Martinez 
(Nancy Aguirre's Grandmother)

Oct. 28, 1934- Dec. 24, 2008 

She loved to sing with mariachis and cook (and she made the BEST Mexican rice)

Rene "Beto" Martinez 
(Nancy Aguirre's Grandfather)

Jan. 26, 1938- Jul. 17, 2020 

He loved music and dancing, and he was the life of every party


David K. and Mary H. Smith
(Victoria Musheff's Parents)
Dave was born in 1928 and died October 2010
Mary was born in 1937 and died September 2015
Mary was a master sewer, exceptional cook and baker, and she enjoyed picnics with family.
Dave was a devoted family man who loved his wife, home, and 3 children. He built a successful busniess in his fifties after losing his job of 25 years. He was passionate about camping, exploring small towns, hiking, and boating 




For more information about upcoming events, please contact Dr. Nancy Aguirre at                                           
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