The Military College of South Carolina
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Benefits of Attending a Military College

A Citadel military education offers students extraordinary benefits not found in the ordinary college experience. Whatever career, military or otherwise, a student plans to pursue, attending a military college provides a foundation of leadership and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

For those desiring to serve in the military, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at The Citadel is one of the best in the nation and equips cadets with the essential skills to become military officers. Approximately 1 in 3 cadets earns a commission into the United States Armed Forces upon graduation.

However, since military service after graduation is not a requirement, students choosing a Citadel military education gain experiences and assets that extend far beyond their college years.

Character development and principled leadership permeate all aspects of cadet life. The Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics oversees a four-year leader development model which integrates leadership training into the cadet curriculum and teaches cadets the value of integrity and moral character in everyday life. Cadets live their lives according to The Citadel’s honor code, and they learn the importance of ethical behavior in all their endeavors. Through an emphasis on character, selfless service and the discipline to face challenges and persevere, The Citadel molds individuals into leaders.

By mastering discipline and the ability to work as a team, cadets cultivate core life skills. Living and working together, cadets develop a camaraderie with their classmates early on and an understanding of the value of teamwork that will serve them well in their post-graduate lives. Learning discipline is the first building block in the foundation of a person’s work ethic. With a 24-hour schedule that allots time for sleeping, meals, physical training, classes, military duties, and homework, cadets graduate as experts in time management and multitasking.

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness helps develop a well-rounded individual and improves academic performance. The Citadel recognizes the value of physical activity and requires cadets to meet fitness standards and to participate in regular physical training. Division I athletics and club sports provide additional opportunities to foster teamwork in a competitive environment.

After experiencing a Citadel military education, graduates succeed in diverse fields of endeavor because of the unique foundation they gain as undergraduates. Employers appreciate and value Citadel graduates because of their background and their potential. Through character development, principled leadership, teamwork, discipline and physical fitness, Citadel graduates succeed because they know what it takes to meet a challenge in any field.

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