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Faculty and Staff

Our department has eleven full-time faculty members as well as the Governor John C. West Chair. By clicking on each person's name, you may read more about each faculty and staff member.

The rank each faculty member holds—as an officer in the state militia or as an officer in one of the U.S. forces—is listed before each name (COL=Colonel, LTC=Lt. Colonel, MAJ=Major, CPT=Captain).

Outside observers should note that this information is provided primarily for on-campus contacts and that traditional academic salutations and titles are usually preferred by members of the faculty for non-Citadel business.

Department Chair
COL DuBose Kapeluck

Full-Time Faculty
LTC Scott Buchanan
BG Samuel M. Hines
LTC Terry Mays
MAJ Jack Porter
CPT Scott Segrest
MAJ Sarah Tenney

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science

Joseph P. Riley
Dr John Altick

Mr Brad Collins

Governor John C. West Chair of Political Science
Mallory Factor

Citadel Fellow
Donald Fowler

Faculty Emeriti
CDR Milton Lee Boykin (USNR, Ret.)

COL Edward Braxton Davis (Ret.)

COL Gardel Feurtado (Ret.)

COL Laurence Wayne Moreland (Ret.)

COL Robert Preston Steed (Ret.)

Administrative Specialist - 
Graduate Assistant - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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