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Our department is a community of faculty, students and staff who share a passion for the study of the past and enjoy sharing that enthusiasm through classes, discussions, lectures, and other activities. We believe that an understanding of the past, and the ways in which it has shaped the present, is vital to the education of productive citizens and thoughtful leaders.  


In addition to a rich appreciation for the events and forces that have shaped our world, history teaches the skills of critical thinking, asking good questions, research, writing, and creativity.  History is therefore an excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers, including business, law, military, public safety, and teaching.  (We also think that History is a lot of fun!)  Whether you are a history major, minor, masters’ student, or just plan to take a few courses, we welcome all with curiosity and interest in the past.

Welcome to the Department of History! 

Katherine Grenier
Chair, Department of History


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Firing Range - HIST 395

Cadets with Prof. Sinisi at the Francis Marion Firing Range

Posted by Department of History, The Citadel on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Cadets studying Greek & Roman warfare made shields, swords and spears, then simulated ancient battle techniques in Hampton Park.

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