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Criminal Justice

The 2 + 2 program in criminal justice was created in 2011 to provide students with an opportunity to receive a four-year degree from The Citadel. Courses taught by faculty in the program consist of a blend of researchers and practitioners with extensive experience in the field of criminal justice. The requirements for the major consist of 65 hours of general education and criminal justice courses at one of our partnering technical colleges and 55 credit hours of upper division courses at The Citadel.

If you have credits from another institution, they will be evaluated according to The Citadel policy.


The mission of the 2 + 2 program in Criminal Justice is to foster an intellectually stimulating educational experience that prepares students to work within the criminal justice system and its related fields as well as laying the academic foundation for graduate study. This is accomplished by developing students' understanding of the causes of crime, which includes a grasp of the larger social context in which crime occurs, the operation and effectiveness of agencies within the criminal justice system, as well as developing students' analytical skills that enable them to conduct and evaluate criminal justice-related research.


Upon completion of the program, students should generally possess:

  • An understanding of the theories relating to crime causation and criminality.
  • An understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the criminal justice system.
  • Develop skills that enable the student to conduct and evaluate criminal justice-related research.
  • Advanced reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.
  • An understanding of administrative principles and practices found in criminal justice agencies.

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